I am a Silverclaimer

It is simply a person who can manipulate (control) silver at will. Silverclaimers are able to turn silver into any object they want, can make the silver longer or shorter, or make it move in any direction they want to, so it is a very good weapon. Also, silverclaimers silver is stronger than regular silver, so it can become stronger, heavier, sharper etc than the normal weapon it is imitating. If combined right with the right type of magic, the silver will become VERY strong while flowing with magic capabilities, and will take a certain shape depending on the person.
silver is an unstable metal, and is easily controlled if you have the precise amount of silver inside of you at birth. i was fortunate enough to be born with that correct amount. i am able to control the silver, because the same amount of silver inside and outside my body resonates sort of spiritually and forms a bond, and to put it simply, the silver inside me and out becomes one, although it's not physically touching. that spiritual bond allows me to control the silver inside and outside me. the silverclaimer's body is only able to support this exact amount of silver in it (i'm still trying to figure out why in my studies), so regular people cannot support silver period, so regular people aren't able to learn how to become a silverclaimer. this ability uses all types of strength. mental, physical, chemical, and spiritual.

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what a silverclaimer is all about

I am an Elemental Master

An elemental master is a person who can control all eight affinities which are: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind, Earth, and Sea. Controlling affinities literally means controlling that element itself, but you can also use magic that relates to that element. But an elemental master can control all eight affinities, giving the elemental master the nickname "infinity." So An elemental master can control all eight physical elements and can master any magic. Also, depending on what affinity you are, the polar opposite affinity to yours is your weakness, so you should never let your affinity be known to your enemy.

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