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Still getting used to Gaia after being gone for four years! Kinda weird being here when all my friends have left. I just can't seem to escape this place's hellish clutches.



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Dankin Report | 09/14/2021 9:36 am
Oh wow! That was ages ago! xd

You must be a very busy vendor! eek
famichiki Report | 08/25/2021 7:40 pm
thank u for buying from my store! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
fig fugue Report | 05/04/2021 8:51 pm
fig fugue
any luck with the chocorpokkur?
i'm waiting on mine and literally all i've heard from anyone is a huge waiting game
i just wanna hear about someone who has it to make it feel real lol
Rocky the Doll Report | 03/13/2021 6:19 pm
Rocky the Doll
Thanks for your purchase! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. gaia_angelright
Alsyre de Lumiere Report | 02/24/2021 4:11 pm
Alsyre de Lumiere
I do say you have quite a lovely avi


Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong Report | 12/29/2020 11:55 am
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
Oh wow that's awesome! whee Best of luck with Runway stuff!

Johannes Cabal Report | 12/18/2020 12:08 am
Johannes Cabal
Oh man, Megatokyo. Some parts of it stuck with me, but there was a point where even I had to give up on it.
Coffeere Report | 12/07/2020 2:03 pm
I adore your avatar! the glasses especially are my favorite
Edwin jarvis Report | 11/21/2020 11:49 am
Edwin jarvis
Oh yay, i'm not the only one! I feel like it's giving me The Evil Within vibes... but I actually never played that game, so I dont know!
Edwin jarvis Report | 11/20/2020 12:49 pm
Edwin jarvis
Vro! Is your current avi inspired/or a cosplay of anything?
I feel like it's giving me some horror game vibes, but I don't know which!
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