Most people call me Deshi or Greg. Greg is just a shortening but I like it so don't mess with it.
Age: I'm 18
Hair color: Dirty blonde (I have these hideous ringlets. I hate how my hair curls. But I refuse to cut it.)
Eye color: Such a dark brown that they are ussually black
Taken: Yep, by a wonderful girl, whom I have loved for a while now.
Personality: I am a huge anime fan and I love wolves, penquins, owls, and an odd assortment of other animals. Most people avoid me because I keep to myself and I don't like when people probe for information. I have trust issues but that is for reasons I won't explain. However, I would trust most of my good friends with my life.


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Snowyyear Report | 05/08/2016 3:02 pm
Dropping a comment since the app is telling me my PM is sitting in an outbox rather than sent. So hey there! (:
Snowyyear Report | 06/11/2013 4:57 pm
Gaia told me it was your birthdayyy. smile Happy birthday, Deshi! Hope you have a great day!
Wonderfully_Gorgeous Report | 05/29/2013 9:49 pm
-pokes- lol on Gaia app it needs improvements tho it didnt even tell me u commented on my profile lol
Rylyn the Cat Report | 01/04/2013 1:17 pm
Rylyn the Cat
That's a pretty sweet avitar you have. :3
Himemiya Neko Report | 12/12/2012 11:16 pm
Himemiya Neko
For sure!
That is a sexy furry drawing whee
Himemiya Neko Report | 12/12/2012 11:14 pm
Himemiya Neko
Dat sig art heart
Your Kinky Sex Fantasy Report | 12/05/2012 1:26 pm
Your Kinky Sex Fantasy
Sure I'll just throw it on the pile heh
Your Kinky Sex Fantasy Report | 12/05/2012 1:21 pm
Your Kinky Sex Fantasy
lol Christine is only my dream role.
I only have pretty much the entire musical memorized.
Your Kinky Sex Fantasy Report | 12/05/2012 1:20 pm
Your Kinky Sex Fantasy
Thank you emotion_yatta


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