A letter to gaia, should you decide deleting my account is the best course of action.

Yes. I had "sexually explicit content" in my roleplay posts. I had a link to the erotic books I sell in my About Me. Yes, I was playing a villain in a superhero roleplay who belittled and controlled others and used sex as just one of those tools. No, I didn't write full porn scenes here. Yes, I implied he did a lot of terrible things.

You are running a site right now where I can make a bdsm avatar with a ballgag, bound in chains and whipped bloody. I can make a character that's entirely naked with an implied d**k hanging out. I can make a character in nothing but a thong and barely n****e covering top.

It's a double-standard that I can buy items that are incredibly sexual and imply all kinds of things. But playing a realistic, well-written villain gets me warned and banned.

Why is it only the sex that sells that's allowed here?
How do you justify deleting writing between consenting adults, but allowing people to run around with items and art that imply all kinds of sexual things?

Your userbase is more mature than you want to admit.
You are no longer an anime site catering to 12 year olds. While those people are still here, the vast majority now are 18+, largely 20-somethings. You should consider who it is you're selling sex items to by the bucketload, next time you're deleting posts for sexually explicit material.

Apparently it's the imagery that's fine, just not the written words.

Do I expect this to do anything? No. Not really.
But putting this here felt better than doing nothing in the face of this ridiculousness.

Another Member Not Bothering to Make a New Account
(You can find me on Recolor Me as Voxxer if you need me)