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よっ! 俺の名は獄寺隼人, ボンゴレファミリアの十代目、澤田綱吉の右腕。そうして嵐の守護者。
俺はイタリアから来た. 短い時に波森(日本の中で)に住んだが、今カナダに住む。でも心配ない、すぐに十代目に帰ります!

Yo. My name is Hayato Gokudera, I'm the Vongola Famiglia Tenth's--Sawada Tsunayoshi's Right hand man. I am the Guardian of the Storm.
I come from Italia. For a short time I lived in Namimori (in Japan). However, now I live in Canada. But no need to worry, cause I'll soon come home to the 10th!


Poor cosplay aside. Yo! Artist, musician, writer, gamer and cosplayer-in-training (Just starting to tackle the sewing machine, hahaha) at your service.

While I'm obnoxiously talking like I'm a multitasker, my true love lies in the arts. If the only thing that can move is my right hand, that's all I need (up until my diaphragm problem startsgetting to me, then there'll be trouble!)

As an Anime fan, my favorite anime are Rockman.EXE, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Hell no, it ain't old), Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel monsters, Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, Gundam Wing, Love Hina, Card Captors, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Tactics, The Brave Frog--er... this list could go on to last Thursday. I just like a lot of stuff biggrin

Games-wise? A little more narrowed down: All Rockman games (maybe Star-Force is iffy with me), Phoenix Wright Series and the Duel Monsters games :] And a bit of Dungeon Dice never killed nobody--Or some Mario and Smash Bros.

Live in BC? Sweet! So do I! Live close to Burnaby? Awesome! That's where I live!

If you're going to Anime Evolution, drop me a line, we can meet up in an AE post-con meet, I'll tell you all about it wink

choice Songs c:


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i reik kitties Report | 11/16/2008 3:56 am
i reik kitties
random but gokudera and hitman reborn rocks!!
Pyraelia Report | 07/17/2008 11:43 pm
your Character name seemed to call out for me
so i came here O_O"
and your profile i had to try to reload it more than 3 times
but.. it didnt work ..
but soo far i think its awesome
Child Of Spiders Report | 07/02/2008 7:10 pm
Child Of Spiders
yes it is xDDD and your welcome
Child Of Spiders Report | 07/02/2008 7:01 pm
Child Of Spiders
nice profile
Shokaku Report | 07/01/2008 2:18 pm
I'm becoming addicted to your art heart
Shamera Report | 05/27/2008 12:19 am
omg, your avi. XD <3
voxeler Report | 05/10/2008 2:28 pm
I miss talking to you ; ^ ;!
Raenm Report | 05/04/2008 2:30 am
Yeah, dA is FTW.
voxeler Report | 05/02/2008 2:00 pm
Hey! It's Tsu o3o!
Raenm Report | 04/27/2008 9:20 pm
Heh, saw your dA journal.

Shoot me please

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il mio nome è Gokudera.

...Yeah I'm Gokudera, s--....Okay shut up, I'm cosplaying. It's not rocket science.