Yea, though I walk through the valley of n00bs I will fear no flames, for the MODs and Admins of gaia are with me.

You will only influence others in direct proportion to what you are willing to sacrifice yourself. - Bill Wilson

You have a need to be needed and a need to be loved. - Unknown

Things about me:
- Reached 11,111 posts on Monday, November 20th, 2006.
- Reached 22,222 posts on Monday, May 7th, 2007.
- Reached 33,333 posts on Thursday, August 30th, 2007.
- Reached 44,444 posts on Saturday, December 18th, 2010.
- I do not understand people who claim to "tolerate" others when they cannot tolerate those who openly do not tolerate people. Doesn't tolerance go both ways?

I'm on a few quests for...

Art - I love art, that's really all there is to it.

I am currently putting my quest for eyes on hold. Here are the pictures that I have so far obtained...

[ A Crayola Murder ]'s eyes
Aki_Minomoto's eye.
Amaya Yuki's eyes.
Awen Zyn's eyes.
[Below Heat]'s eyes.
Bloody_Merry's eye pictures: first, second.
Briaface's eye.
^_^bubblegum~chic^_^'s left eye and right eye.
Crash McDougal's eye pictures one ; two
Darkest_Angel's one eye and two eyes.
DEm-o's eyes.
Dirty tabs' eyes.
Fire_Princess_Kenzi's eye.
Foo-foo tina's eye.
Glomey's eyes and eye pictures.
Jacklyn Snugz's eye pictures that are regular size and large.
Jynkzed's eye pictures: first , second
Katarra Bloodstone's eye.
LishD's eyes.
MindsEyeDistraction's eye.
Napoleonforever's eyes one and two that are drawn.
NightSymphony's eyes.
Orizion's human eye, eyes, and drawn eyes
Orlando Bloom's eyes.
Platinumsnake's right and left eyes.
RubyBlaze's eye.
Shinomaru_Demon's eye.
Social Stealth's eyes.
Sokanon's eye pictures one , two
Spiderman143wife's eyes: one and two.
[ Too Much Tylenol ]'s eye.
Trugoy's eye.
Tyris Stark's eye.
Vampirepenquins' eyes
Xaniski and her squishy's eyes.
x_riot_x's eye.
Yukidream13's eyes.
Zelgadis_rules' eye pictures: one , two
A friend's eye.

Any questions about myself may be posted in my comment section or PM box.

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A food fight has thus begun. Just make sure you duck.

I'll mostly be putting different art pictures into this thingy. Some that have my gaian critter in it, and some different creatures that I have bought, found or have been given to me. I will give credit to each person for the art they have done, unle



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Swordsman of God

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Swordsman of God

Good to hear . PM me some time
Swordsman of God

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Swordsman of God

Hi > how are you >?
Swordsman of God

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Swordsman of God

Lord Saiax

Report | 07/19/2013 7:21 am

Lord Saiax

thanks for buying

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    Thank you for buying from my store
    o 3 o

Report | 06/13/2012 5:58 pm


Yes, me too! You should be getting a letter from me soon. Sorry about my messy writing. X-0 Anyways, good to hear from you! Keep in touch!

Report | 06/07/2012 8:31 pm


No problem! wink

Report | 06/07/2012 5:05 pm


Basically that I got your letter and mask. I'm gonna send you a written letter soon with more info/details, though, so no worries. smile

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Hello there, just seeing how you're doing. Did you get my message? Please let me know when you get the chance. Thanks, and I hope all is well! smile


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