"The thousand years of raindrops summoned by my song are my tears. The thunder that strikes the earth is my anger!" Flat; Majora's Mask.
[Yes, I am a huge Zelda fan.]
Hey! So, I'm gonna try to be more active now to fill this empty void called boredom. Anyways, My name is Jasmine and I'm 19. I have many interest, too many to list actually, but my most recent one is Homestuck. I currently live about 20 minutes away from Atlanta so I guess that's cool, I guess? Not really sure. Currently an Engineering major...Um, I don't really know much to say anymore so feel free to message me or add me on facebook/twitter/tumblr/etc. Just shoot me a message first.


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Lemme regret it then
Dawn Akemi Hikari

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Dawn Akemi Hikari

He won't know it's me unless I tell him xD I'm a dude on there.
Awwws mommy -huggles- I know how you feel I went throught it too with Ryuu..
He got a girlfriend WAY too soon after he dumped me that slut!

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You can practice here )<
Dawn Akemi Hikari

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Dawn Akemi Hikari

What do you mean hacking..?! O . o
What is it I want to stalk him and talk to him too! How old is he now?
Awwwws Mommy -huggles- Thank you! TT///TT
I talk to Ryuu when he's on and not talking to his girlfriend because it's the only time he'll reply.
Did I ever tell you we had a daughter on Gaia? She's now their daughter Dx
I want to talk to Kitsu but he's never on here or facebook :l He's like busy with school or something..
Oh my sister wants you to add her on facebook her user is Nicky Pech.

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I miss you too bby~
'm gettin' my hur done tomorrow, but like
if you wanna come over at all during the weekend
lemme know~

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Wut bby?
Dawn Akemi Hikari

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Dawn Akemi Hikari

I got with Ryuu as sort of a rebound off one off his two best friends who I had known for a long time on Gaia.
His name was Kitsu I had a sort of crush on him for a very long time and so one day I by chance stalked him in towns and he was with someone.
That person was Ryuu and so I kinda went up to them and talked to them. Ryuu tried his bes to embarass Kitsu and get him angry so Kitsu eventually got mad and left.
I soon after left town as well and so Ryuu friend requested me and we started talking and I would get annoyed of him because when I didn't want to talk to anyone he was always there.
If I didn't reply he would send me another message even if I was the one who didnt reply. I had never realized it (and there were hints) but Ryuu had soon "fallen in love with me"
I don't know why but alot of my guy friends on Gaia did and I never understood it because they never even saw what I looked like.
One day Kitsu asked me out and I was very happy. We were happy together for one night. Ryuu then found out and they got into a heated arguement over it.
This argument ended with Kitsu dumping me and so I was crying. He told me it was better this way but I dindn't understand because I had thought he had liked me too..
Ryuu kinda cheered me up and then asked me out that same night. He knew he was a rebound but I guess he really liked me and didn't care. So I said yes and he seemed like the happiest person ever back then..
REi doesn't seem to logg on actually one of his friends had told me that his account got banned. I had been commenting for his birthday every year I think.
Dawn Akemi Hikari

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Dawn Akemi Hikari

Actually I thought you were around 22 now ;;;;
No um.. yea we're just friends.
I guess I kinda got back with his friend like the night we broke up I think and just like before he dumped me the day after Dx
It's not like I liked him and I feel like stupid for doing it cuz I knew it was coming.
What about you and Rei-Rei?
Dawn Akemi Hikari

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Dawn Akemi Hikari

It's not a group thing which is what makes it worse I'm totally screwed Dx
Actually not really Ryuu is 19 now :3
Im currently 16 and I turn 17 on May 13th which isn't too far away.
Dawn Akemi Hikari

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Dawn Akemi Hikari

It's not completely my fault I had been waiting for a text from someone so that we could finish a project together surprised
I also have to catch up on notes and read this book and I have a research paper due Tuesday Dx
I know you're technically not supposed to ask a lady her age but how old are you now Mommy? Or should I say how young are you? :3


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Isn't he like, the coolest? 8D