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Name: Crux
Age: Eh? Warforged...been around for some time.
Race: Warforged (Fever Iron)
Class: Sellsword (bearing innate fire abilities)
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Crux is a conflicted being, in a world seemingly full of biological creatures, he is something of a black sheep. Bearing the full range of emotion any human would have, it seems any difficulty with diplomacy comes from his odd outward appearance, and all together different 'anatomy'. Generally refraining from killing in cold blood, good reason, or preemptive assaults are not out of his wheelhouse, that being said; Crux prefers to keep actual combat short, and in most cases would rather subdue a foe than outright kill them.
Lore: Not much is to be said of Crux yet, for despite seeming experienced, his own adventures are only just beginning... (will update this as time runs on)

Weapon of choice: Dagger. His own personal dagger is rather ornate, and holds some special meaning to him. See image, ya?
Gear of note: Fever-Iron Vanguard Docent - The cloth that Crux adorns is weaved of fire-retardant material, and does seem to ignite, while not burning away during his 'immolation's. With in-laid sheets of Fever-iron providing added protection from attack, masterfully crafted into an outward roguish appearance, despite being armored enough to earn nods from any knightly hero.
Docents - Magical inserts that when applied, can change the overall nature of Crux's outer armor. (Basically his outfit). When inserted, they are fast acting, taking only one post to become fully 'adorned'. Generally crafted by skilled tinkerers, these items are of great value only to warforged, being quite useless in their 'disc' form when not inserted. That being said, the rarity of warforged likely drives their value high, at least on Gaia prime.

Fever Ray - A tightly woven energy attack, shot from his modified left arm, fiery in nature, and with good range, and feet per second. More a beam than an actual flame thrower, though it can be maintained for up to six seconds at a time before needing wait for his life-force to restore the energy used in this attack for prolonged periods. (After 3 in/out-post successive shots, it takes 2 posts to 'recharge'.)

Immolation - A defensive measure that he rarely employs, he can ignite his own metal thanks to it's Fever-Iron nature. With limits, as when active he cannot employ the use of his Fever Ray, and cannot choose what is ignited by the flames. (Current maximum duration - 6 posts)

Fire/Heat absorption - Due to the unique construction of Crux, most normal fires will not permanently damage his body. This isn't to say that he cannot be temporarily disabled, as the heat nulls the connection of his life-energy to his body. (Passive) (Connective Error - 5 Post duration)

Construct Traits - Crux has no need for food, water, sleep or air, as such, any 'hypnotism' or sleep-type enchantments or abilities do not effect him. The same can be said for drowning, even supernatural drowning. Additionally he does not grow exhausted. The only 'rest' he requires is that which recharges his life-energy, between fever ray or immolation uses. He is also immune to poisons, diseases, and any form of gas that would effect via respiratory systems. Normal healing does work on his body, but is only half as effective as it would be on biological folks, typically the arcane variety of magic is required for the best effect. Additionally, he is resistant to attacks on 'vital' areas, though bearing some, they are not the same as a human, and are more sturdy than the average biological entity. (Passive)


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My silly little shindig.


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so many fun choices of clothes on here now!

Do you watch netflix?

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Rainbowrific Renia

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Rainbowrific Renia

Just saw you post a status update on here. Didn't think I'd be seeing you around these parts again!

I'm hardly ever on here anymore, but I got a bit excited seeing an old friend pop up.
The Hydrologist

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The Hydrologist

HELLLOOOO burning_eyes
The Hydrologist

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The Hydrologist

dude hmu

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I'm away from my home working for a while. So the roleplay stuff miiiight be postponed a bit.
I'll still have internet and all that jazz though. So, while late, not forgotten. emotion_omnomnom

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Yeah i know.~
-Flicked the bill of his hat.-

Looking fancy with your cravat and tophat! What's the occasion? wink

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xD In response to your 'Always lurking about' message.

I'm always idling. I don't have the energy to close gaia when i'm done with the computer.

I'm lazy. emotion_c8

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Sorry about that. I was in towns, but i made a late dinner, so i was idling.

Do you use Meebo? If so, it might cut down on this back and forth confusion. Lol.

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I think...
We should hit towns again.


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