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Digital Artist | Roleplayer | Time Mage | Astrologian gaia_moon

I go by Volmise pretty much everywhere else on the internet. If you happen to know me, feel free to drop me a PM or send me a friend request.

Been on Gaia since early 2004, though my activity is a bit lackluster. I'm the quiet type and prefer to stick to myself and lurk threads unless something super interesting to me pops up. Most of my time on Gaia is oddly enough spent in zOMG or Lake Kindred.

I love all things blue, so chances are you'll see a lot of that in my avatars and any collections I may begin. 3nodding





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Coeus Report | 06/23/2019 11:22 pm
Miss you! Hit me up sometime - subbcoee@gmail.com
Cliff the Drama Llama Report | 04/25/2019 5:38 pm
Cliff the Drama Llama
As an aside I ******** DOUBLED my platinum from 800 to 1,757 just by posting on your profile? The economics of NeoGaia shock and frighten me.
Cliff the Drama Llama Report | 04/25/2019 5:37 pm
Cliff the Drama Llama
It's coo' you just don't love me anymore. OBVIOUSLY.

No I don't really mean that, of course you do. Or I hope so. I love you. Ok anyways that was weird, disregard me. But I hope you're doing well all the same, and I do still think about and miss you. heart
RavingProductions Report | 03/12/2019 12:53 am
Pleasure doing business with you. Have a nice day!
Chise the Braixen Report | 03/11/2019 5:04 am
Chise the Braixen
thank you, I still try to improve it, but it's hard to improve it without messing up the layinering of the ear fluff and I havn't found a perfect skirt
Anamosa Valentine Report | 03/10/2019 8:44 pm
Anamosa Valentine
Thank you! c:
Philippa May Regnard Report | 03/10/2019 4:15 pm
Philippa May Regnard
Aw, thank you for the compliment! emotion_bigheart
Cliff the Drama Llama Report | 05/15/2018 12:35 pm
Cliff the Drama Llama
Log in to Gaia after not using it for like ten years; oh look they've changed everything. Now the currency is Platinum instead of Gold and stuff is kind of randomly priced differently. So I decide: Hey, lets check out an Angelic Halo, maybe they're not too expensive. ONE MILLION PLATINUM, VOLMISE. ONE MILLION. What the hell????/// Bah. Anyways, I miss you, and I hope you're doing well.
Coeus Report | 06/16/2016 4:44 am
Yup! It has a dedicated host, but no one really logs in. I keep popping in and out every few years to see if I could get in touch with anyone. The crew over at HMTR basically helped raise me...I still think of you guys. heart
Coeus Report | 06/13/2016 4:30 am
I do! And so do you! Come back and play HM:TR with me some time? razz


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“There will come a day where those kind pleasantries are nothing more than nostalgic words.”