My liiife be liiike!

The name is Lacy,,
Remember it,, You'll be screaming it someday(:
I'm a happy person. I love my life. I'm taken and I love hiiim!
I'm always hyper and I can't sleep in for my life!! I have the Voyager,, and you never see me without it(: I live in Cali.. And I love it! The beach and mall are my favorite places.. I'm a very athletic person.. My favorite sports are Swimming, Basket Ball, Volleyball, and Soccer.. I loveeee to yell and scream! Sometimes that is the only way you'll hear from me(: I have three dogs,,, and I hate cats!! Skinny jeans,, Adio's,, and band T's are pretty much what I wear<3 I'm horrible with names(:
So my family is amaziiiing!! I have 2 sisters and I don't even know how many cusins(: My school is amaziiing too!(: I wouldn't know what I would be without my friends.. But DEFFINITLY not the same way as I am now..
Thats all for now.. Wanna know more?!