At this point I don't even care how my profile looks anymore. Anyways, hi. My name's Linda but you can call me Lynn or whatever you prefer. I've been on Gaia since the summer of '07, although my relationship with Gaia has been on and off. Hm... I like to hang out in CB, and occasionally bet and gift/trade people and help with their quests. Gaia used to be really addicting to me. I'd literally pull all nighters and was so addicted my parents threatened they'd break my computer. When that didn't work, they put passwords and I'd still get around it. I sneaked around just to get on Gaia. I thought I quit Gaia for good, but I just go on because there were so many memories made here, I sometimes reminisce. Aside from playing Gaia, I also play LoL. I'm not that great, but it's okay. Silver III is not that bad. Anyways, I'm going to end it here because I need to watch Kdrama and maybe play a game of league. If you see me around, you can talk to me! Seriously! I don't bite.