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Well,I'm 13 yerow guy,who loves music,girls and cars xD,typicly >.> I'm metalhead,and I play the electric guitar,wery well...i still don't have my band,coz' metal isn't popular in my country,but i hope i'll find it...I love bats,skulls,fire...dark/red,and all those thinks what is going together with satan/devil or howewer u call it xD,idk why xD but i'm just like that,even i'm from christian family...I love to be different then the others,and i allways was,on any way,i'm not ugly XD visit http://Vixi-5.hi5.com to discower am i a liar xD,and i'm crazy when somebody touchs my hair 0.o coz' it's different every day ...now it's a bit long,and i'll put it loong loong till i don't make perfect style,what's right here in my magination...i don't like seas...and lakes,i love rivers,and A LOT OF SNOW,and i love snowboarding too xD,me gotta talent for everything wee xD jks,at summer,i usually sail,and...sail.. xD love to hagn out on internet,coz' it's too boring to be quiet and alone for me, i love to act that i'm "full of anger" and that i'm gonna "kill somebody" but it's so funny for me when i do it that i do one big LOL when i finish all of that hehe...what else to say? got no idea,but if u're interested in me,LIKE FRIEND ONLY (please i'm not perv/pathetic guy to have gf or to acting gay on internet -.- that's real world job !xD)then visit my hi5 page (i hate facebook,too much annoying ppl)kiss for all cool girls and...let's finish on that xD

Remind me to update my interests.


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Vexaz Report | 02/24/2009 11:15 am
HEY GUYS! this is my new acc ..i'm hacked -.-
Chioro Report | 09/13/2008 1:41 pm
pluthero Report | 09/01/2008 12:06 am
i dont care about my ******* profile!!!!!

so grrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
pluthero Report | 09/01/2008 12:05 am
i dont care about my ******* profile!!!!!
Angry death1993 Report | 08/31/2008 7:13 pm
Angry death1993
LoL, thnx... kool pro, no affince but mite forget the name
Benny-Dragonheart Report | 08/31/2008 3:20 pm
LOL, dats lame. And most random! OH why won't my playlist load?!? grr, i'll figure it out eventually, lol.
anniegtg Report | 08/31/2008 2:15 pm
I Play I have an acustic and an electric....but i still dont have a Les Paul sad I want a blue one and gibson or Luis would be nice!!!!!
Holy Heaven567 Report | 08/31/2008 4:50 am
Holy Heaven567
nice pro and avi and also awesome music!
Bunker0069 Report | 08/31/2008 4:45 am
my friend made it
Benny-Dragonheart Report | 08/29/2008 10:28 am
Nice profile! Awesome music too. I've been trying to add a playlist to my profile, but can't figure out the gaia side of it.. i add the playlist bar and all it comes up with is title... how d'ya link it to the playlist site?