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Who is Vix!?

Hey I'm Vix
I love anime like many of you and i'm a writer so you may have read my work. Also though I have no artistic skills what so ever, but I love deviantart and post stories there
here's my blog there:

Things I love:

1. COFFEE!!!
2. anime/manga
3. reading and writing
4. choir

About me:
I have blond hair and blue eyes. I'm 5'8". I love yoga and tennis. I am fluent in Spanish, English(that goes for Elizabethans English too *giggle*). I love to travel and flying is just so much fun to me. Yes I'm a coffee addict. Oh to end it I am a grammar fiend I love proper grammar and get mad when people don't use it.

Things I hate:

1. Fast food; yuck
2. The people who drive under the speed limit to prove a point
3. The color orange


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I am an avid reader of who write mostly fictonal stories. My writng is laced with heavy metaphors and foreshadowing. I post on many sites so you may have already read my work.


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welcome I'm vixens

If only I couuld marry mat I would be the happiest woman ever