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I am -really- bad at talking about myself...
Okay. IGOR!!
*shuffle shuffle shuffle* Yes, Mistress?
*Hands a parchment* You know what to do.
*Igor-throat clearing*

Here is The List of Ri-Sama's Characteristics That She Could Think Of in Less Than Five Minutes:

-She can be called Ri, Shade, Reya, Jazz, Raven, Tushi Swan (only by Mega Pole, though), Elspy or SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU DAMN BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!!!

-She loves pizza heart

-Ri is online like a binge drug. For a long time at a particular time and then offline for days or weeks.

-Drawings. She gusta.

-She is an anime fan.

-Sadly, Ri suffers from the following: panic disorder and a hint of paranoia. This has, apparently, been proven

-Ri is a yaoi fan. She enjoys reading and writing graphic, graphic yummy slash. Deal with it.

-She would RP with anyone so long as it's imaginative and interesting. She finds that a character that is too perfect or has too much unique attribute(s) (a half dragon werewolf with vampire-hag-griffin ancestors that had once mated with witches stare she kids not. She had once encountered this) is a source of annoyance and general irritation to her; in the end, she would not be able to take the person *squints at the scratched out word* er, thing, seriously. Should the RP be perverted, she would want to be informed beforehand.

-She would want details of a setting should it be possible =/

-Ri would love to get to know you, but she does not guarantee you would like her crying

-She hates anything girly, and would cheerfully castrate anyone that would assume otherwise.

-She is cynical and jaded especially when it comes to matters of the heart *Igor-under-the-breath-mumbling-of-the-deregatory-kind*

-Ri would like to say she believes she is twisted

-This is what she can think of writing at the moment.

Ahum, thank you Igor.


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yaoi-anime-is-my-life Report | 06/18/2013 4:48 pm
lol im mad late but thank you XD
rahna Report | 05/22/2012 10:02 am
That might be a good plan. XP

rahna Report | 05/04/2012 3:21 pm
I dunno, maybe you forgot about it...? XD It's okay though, I ended up taking as long to rely back.

That's what you get for ticking of mythological creatures. -shakes finger-

Exactly, that's why that notion's so ridiculous! I swear, the scholars of today are going overboard.
So do the leaves just suddenly appear or what...? XD Eh? What's harmattan? YOU LIVE IN AFRICA?

Woohoo!! -throws hands in the air- You're out no matter what the results are?
B-b-but...she got in there right out of highschool. I guess you're right though, better to wait instead of wasting pointless effort.
Thanks for that. wink

Maybe I will! If I didn't think water would damage the shoes' material...I'll ask Mom or Sis if I can borrow one of their pairs.
I will tread in high heels, and I will rock at it. JUST YOU WAIT.

Okay, thanks!. biggrin I could always use more funny videos...I just hope the swearing isn't too bad.
Ku Klux Murdah Report | 04/17/2012 2:06 am
Ku Klux Murdah
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rahna Report | 04/16/2012 2:56 pm
Then so be it! xd The fairy must have a grudge against you to mess up your spelling that badly.
Cause that was a whole other word.

Hahahaha, it figgers. Maybe your old layout is the one that suits you best.

Oh POO, it's not global warming. They're not even sure that's happening, you know there's talk of an ice-age too?
Nah, your area is just experimenting an extra-hot spring this year.
Okay, but first we need to find a halfway point. We don't even know where the other one lives.

Hahaha, I'll bet. Careful to repair the burnt part of your shoes when you're done.
Oh, me? Weeeell, I'm certainly old enough to be in uni or college in general...I just don't know what the heck I want to do.
Thus, my little sister is in university before me. She's almost done with her second year. It's a bit...degrading.
Oh, so you mean you'd like to take the blame yourself? Well that can be arranged~

Well heck, I can't help that I'm short. Besides, I'm a master of treading.
D'aww, thank you. 3 hugs means 3 times the happiness they endow.
They could be busy (I think it's nearing exam time) but when they can keep in touch with each other and "like" my comments without replying to them...
I really don't think they like me anymore.

It is, it really is. The series is complete, both manga and anime. (It's a decent length, but not long enough that you get tired of it before it finishes.) It's been successfully dubbed (though if you're persnickety, you won't be able to sit through the first episode) and the genre...there's some humor, some action, and a sprinkling of angst. Just a smidgen though. Some family too, if that's an anime genre. (I know it is for fanfiction!)
It's really really cute, have I said that already?
rahna Report | 04/15/2012 6:54 pm
Hahahaha, that's not the typo-fairy. That's you and klutzy spelling! xd

Of course. ^___^

Hehehehehe, no problem. Yes, you have learned the valuable lesson of testing before applying. I see you changed it, it's much easier to read now.
I know right? It's bizarre! It was warm again today (warmer than last) and even the night can be called balmy. But it ain't sweat worthy.
-packs bag- I'll come to your place, you come stay at mine.

You're in university? How did I not know that...?
It says that you've been watching too much anime, that's what. xD

Oh, not too deep. Maybe chest-deep. -holds her hand roughly 4 feet from the ground- Yeah, that sounds about right.
Of course I did, but they never contacted me. They like my comments sometimes, but have yet to reply to anything.

Now that I can do! 8D

Ack, you don't know! -flails- It's a super cute series by CLAMP, about a game called Angelic Layer (hence the series name) where players called "deuses" mind-control customized dolls to fight each other.
Yes, mind-control. They have these curious visors with wires that attach to the Layer the angel's fighting on. I don't know how it works, ask Icchan! xD
The story revolves around the main character (Misaki) learning to play, and growing up while she does it. She's looking for her mother the whole time (who's been gone since Misaki was 6) and there's a marvelous twist at the end concerning that.
Seriously, it's great You should go read it
rahna Report | 04/13/2012 2:36 pm
Your state? Do you mean "status"? D:
In which case, I clearly didn't see it. -pats head- You're forgiven. ^___^

Yes, yes it's too small. And the green font is hard to read with that black background.

You wanna swap? We've been having cold day after cold day, this is the first time in weeks I've been able to wear shorts!
Woohoo, almost to summer vacation! X3 You're gettin' off early this year.

I know right? emotion_dowant It's the greatest emote ever.

Um...well I just got over a recent pit of depression from missing my friends (haven't seen them in weeks and they don't talk to me)
But I've been doing pretty well. : )
I have candy and the Wii and Angelic Layer DVD's. I'M HAPPEH. 8D
rahna Report | 04/12/2012 5:15 pm
-pokes- Ri-chan changed her name without telling me.
If I hadn't recognized your sig in Manga Universe, I'd have never known! xD

Aww, you changed your profile too! The "about me" section is harder to read. ya doin'?
flopatrol Report | 04/08/2012 7:34 pm
skyyling Report | 02/11/2012 11:51 am
oooh, like's your name



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