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Last Login: 03/31/2011 7:35 pm

Gender: Female


You Learn Something Everyday

About Me...

romers, skirts, tights, retro sunglasses,
floral patterns, jeggings, woven bracelts,
pastel nailpolish, tumblr, flickr, photos,
hipsters, cats, friends, surf vans,
lady gaga, one republic, gossip girl,
90210, pretty little liars, the office,
manchester orchestra, skins, kid cudi,
ke$ha, kina grannis, cigarettes, beer,
and exploring.
these are the things that i love.

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

Single or Taken: Single

Do You Smoke: occasionally

Do you believe in God?: no

Country Born in: US

Shoe size: 10

Innie or Outie: Innie

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Where do you work?: nowhere at the moment

Do you own a cell phone?: yes

Do you like to text?: yes

Play an instrument?: guitar and piano

Have any tattoos?: no

Hold grudges: yes

Read the newspaper: yes

Believe in ghosts: undecided.

Have an obsession: photography

Like winning: yes

Like waiting: no

Have freckles: yes

Snore: no

Believe in love at first sight: yes

Wear contacts or glasses: both

Do you wish you lived somewhere else?: yes. montreal.

Do you like roller coasters?: yes

Know how to play chess?: no

Want to get married?: yes

Ever miss being a little kid?: yes

Like seafood?: depends.

Your biggest fear: failing at life.

Your dream job: psychologist & photographer

Something you carry with you all the times: cell phone and keys

Something you miss from when you were little: not worrying.


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Mushi Kitten Report | 08/21/2009 4:06 pm
Mushi Kitten
i have a pretty big screen
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/21/2009 3:58 pm
Mushi Kitten
it looks stupid
and you cant see a thing
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/21/2009 2:47 pm
Mushi Kitten
whats with the changing names again?????
and your profile is too crowded
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/16/2009 7:18 pm
Mushi Kitten
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/16/2009 7:00 pm
Mushi Kitten
yeah O.O
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/16/2009 6:58 pm
Mushi Kitten
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/16/2009 6:36 pm
Mushi Kitten
you should see the ones i put on. they are really weird
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/16/2009 6:34 pm
Mushi Kitten
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/16/2009 6:26 pm
Mushi Kitten
maybe i will.......eventually.......
Mushi Kitten Report | 08/16/2009 6:24 pm
Mushi Kitten



I am no longer here.