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18 || demigirl || she/they || infp
people call me many names, but please call me em.
i recently graduated high school and i like art and music.
i don't get on here much, but don't be afraid to shoot me a message.
i love some shows, some comics, and some movies. pretty simple.
though, welp... i think i love two kpop groups called super junior&vixx way too much...
honestly, amber from f(x) and ailee are my queens.
plus, mamamoo and purfles are amazing.
also i love bands like paramore, pvris, new years day...
and i love singers like halsey or sia.
i'm a lazy bum and i don't like sports or moving. welp.
you can find me on other social media.

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if you knew me back around 4-5 years ago, i am so sorry.
i was a literal embarrassment but yet, i don't fully regret it.
and to those who stuck with me since, love you guys.

really rad and gr8 ppl.
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thanks for reading!