To whoever is bored enough to read this:

My name's Kate, I'm 20 years old, and an Architecture student in WI. I've been on this site since I was around 15 years old (Oct. 2003), but have switched accounts several times over the years. I left the site two years ago while I played World of Warcraft, and as a consequence I lost touch with the RPer in me, and my artwork did not progress.

I have since quit the game, and have come back to the site as a form of recreation in the cold winter months. I still draw, though not too often, because my school work tends to bog me down quiet a bit. If you're interested though in my art send me a PM we can work something out.

I live with three other girls at the moment, and am single. I no longer do the online dating scene, but I still am a huge flirt, so please don't take it as an 'I LOVE YOU' over the internet. I just like to have fun. If you're cute, pix please.

I enjoy a wide variety of activities, and during the summer months I hope to see less of this site, and more of the outdoors. If you want to talk to me at all, send me a PM, we might just end up having a good old time. <3


Kate <3


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Hey there, I had just been looking at your Guild; Broken Tears & Shattered Memories andf I was wondering, is it still alive? If so, what's it about?

Thanks! ^__^
The Meretrix

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The Meretrix

May I ask the name of the artist that sings the song on your profile? I love the song. D:

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B'aaaw. Thanks. xD
Alot of people that check out my profile seem to like my music choice. ^^

I'm glad. C:


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