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I am Visette (formerly Tamako Jen!). But you can call me Coffee 'cuz I grind so fine! Not really. I can't dance at all. I have no skills. I'm in my late 20s. And don't you tell me I'm too old for Gaia! If the government trusts me with alcohol, I think I can handle a Gaia account at this age. >:U Besides, I grew up with Gaia. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

OKAY. Feel free to call me Vis or Vissy~ Or, if you know me from before, you can keep calling me Tamako, Tam, or Jen! Or any variation of those that you enjoy~

ANYWAY. Personality wise, I'm super nice, kind of quirky, and a little inappropriate at times. XD I'm also suuuuper into K-pop, video games, My Little Ponies (the collecting aspect mostly) and Sailor Moon.

Also, I abuse the hell out of emotes. I use them in nearly every sentence. I can't help it. >>;; Hopefully, that doesn't bother you. If it does, well... .__. I hope it doesn't! ; w ;

I don't accept random friend requests, sorry! Get to know me first, okay? Then, maybe I'll add you. Also, if we don't talk for awhile, I may delete you. If you're only interested in being my friend for personal gain, you may as well keep surfin'. That's not to say that I don't like to donate, because I do! But, when I do, it's usually when I feel like it. Besides, with such a small inventory, I don't have much to offer anyway, I'm afraid.

If I'm on the computer, the chances of me drawing are very high practically non-existent at this point. I waste sooo much time. But, if you're interested in seeing my art, there's usually a sample in my siggy. Not always, but usually! But if you wanna see my art, just lemme know and I'll direct you to my "portfolio." Pffffffff....~ Portfolio, riiight.~ XD

I started Gaia February 24th, 2006. Not sure why I've just told you that, but, eh! Whatever! Interesting trivia? XD Anyway, I'm kinda growing out of Gaiaonline. I'm really only holding on for a few of the dear friends I've made here, and I rarely even see and talk to them anymore. :c I really spend most of my time on another website I frequent. If you're interested in what site that is, well... I'd rather not disclose it. >__> The site is small, very civilized, and close-knit. That's another reason I don't spend too much time here anymore. The community here has kinda gone downhill. :c I've gotten rude PMs from people I've never even talked to! :cc

Hmm... what else? Eh, I can't think of anything else. Feel free to poke me if there's anything you're interested in knowing. I'm pretty friendly, but I'm also dreadfully lazy and pretty forgetful, so if I don't respond in a timely manner, that's probably why. >>;;

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