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Random s**t i liked

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M e e <3

Im Emily
I celebrate my birthday on Christmas day
I love Green day <33
Im a Cb Whore <33
Im sometimes a b***h
I have a v****a
I like egg rolls
I'm shy in real life
Im kinda random
I like soy sauce
I'm pretty unique
I ******** HATE scene kids
Im weird
I would love you if you donated to me
I hate rap, rap equals crap!
I hate Paramore
Oh and i DONT scream over Billie's hotness
Emily's pretty cool so dont hate appreciate

Virgin Bubbles
o J a s i y C a k e s o
hi im tiger
-C l a s s y B ii t c h-
Rainbow Streak
Hot Caffeinated Cree
Orphan Giggles

My best friends they mean the most to me they are the reason im still here ifly you guys <3