im one of those peplz who love to take a midnight walk because i love the dark. and i dont think im a vampire thats just dum .some of the things i hate are math (who dosnt),and countrey . i dont hate anyone thats what my brother taught me one of the things he said before he moved out .he never hated anyone all the peplz who hated him he just ignored. i love PUNK ROCK and ROCK and some rap. flyleaf is my idol. i love the metal in there songs when she sings .my first rock concert was wen i was 4 i saw janes adicction
bras were geting throne at me. i was so close to the stage it was awsome thats what my dad said at least .

p.s i dont realy talk this much


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The Beautiful shivu Report | 07/30/2009 9:55 pm
The Beautiful shivu
Andrew The Freelancer

copy n paste this to 10 or more peple n u will get tons of gold really it works im rich !!!
iBeatles Report | 01/01/2009 3:13 pm
Sweet Page!
DerangedLychan Report | 12/28/2008 2:42 pm
HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY TO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><
Wicked Juggalette 666 420 Report | 12/10/2008 10:48 pm
Wicked Juggalette 666 420
Hi can you accept my bid on the demon leggings please it's all I need to have the whole set. ^_^
calvhawk Report | 12/09/2008 6:00 pm
yo its me 0-ryan (Tristen) u still need to e-mail me how to put music on my profile
hinata is a good girl Report | 12/04/2008 7:22 pm
hinata is a good girl
...lol ill put u on i coulda swore you were ther also...LOL YOUR PRO SUCKY!!!!!
hinata is a good girl Report | 08/02/2008 8:07 pm
hinata is a good girl
hay im REALLY sorry for wat i said in those pms i thought it was aj or amanda or somthing i take bak the slap!!!!!!^^u
hinata is a good girl Report | 07/30/2008 10:03 pm
hinata is a good girl
who ever stole this account is a total f** who needs to give the person bak ther account and bak the ******** off b***h!!!!!!!!!!!
DerangedLychan Report | 06/30/2008 4:48 am

and I'll eat ur TOUNG!!!!!!!
vergil_Jyrki_69 Report | 05/14/2008 11:52 pm
Although i do not know (Or remember) who you are, you seem to be nice. I must pressume that you are a goth, so am i. I love your image that says "Goths do not worship satan" very nice, well i may talk to you later.
hinata is a good girl
Tesh Hiashi

Do you think a cracked fingernail could get worse and worse until it damages the integrity of your skeleton and your skull just kinda falls in half?