Lulz. xD

I'm going to start nice and easy, I suppose.
I'm an artist [never said I wasn't only fairly good], and a writer [that's where my egotistical sense kicks in, m'dears.], and I'm quite interested in how the mind works, and mental diseases, hence why a good few of my characters are mad.
A day without music is like a day without a brain for me. xD I need my music. c: Whether it be on my iPod, on the radio, or on the computer, you'll always see me listening to music.

For those that go on, my Totem-land user-name is Gallytrot.
It is the same with Wolfhome.

If I trust you, in due time I will give you my AIM and/or my YIM, depending on which works at the time. AIM has a tendency to break down at times...

I luff Gaia just as much as I luff other sites.

For those that (for some reason), are interested, my deviantART user-name is Shoulderfox.

Take care.