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What I'm wearing. :3


About moi

heart *is a real life anime* heart

Hello, I'm Violet, I like photography, robots, plants, drawing, books, aliens, volunteering, teh interwebz, comics, the color green, cinematography, music, and much more. :3

I'm 18, female, panromantic, and a vegetarian, not that anyone cares.

I have anxiety problems and extreme panic attacks, but I'm working on that, luckily I don't get as many panic attacks as I did just a few years ago.

I like cosplaying, so far I've cosplayed Jack Frost, and Stocking (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) Currently I'm gathering the supplies to cosplay Enjolras (from the latest adaption of Les Misérables), Rei (Free!), and Ramona Flowers.

I also like alien themed things (pins, art, clothing, etc), but I don't actually believe in aliens. I do however, believe that if "aliens" exist, then it's "alien life forms" in the sense that it's plants, or bacteria, not actual beings similar to humans.

I collect vintage cameras, alien stuff, bow ties, ties, stickers, comics, action figures, stuffed animals, and cute erasers.

Beautiful, amazing, awesome, donors:
heart LordRufusShinra heart
heart Luzer_Jay heart
heart Anonymous heart (who donated Black Dander Bunny ears)
heart Neko_Devil_Ninja heart
heart Sparkle Gems heart
heart Anonymous heart (donated Easter 2k14 Pastel Bonnet)
heart Mikuquie heart
emotion_bigheart Eucliwood Hellscythel emotion_bigheart
emotion_bigheart Liquid Pixels emotion_bigheart
emotion_bigheart Anonymous emotion_bigheart (donated Philosopher's Cache: Sapphire, or maybe it was Aquamarine)
emotion_bigheart soraruru emotion_bigheart
emotion_bigheart Anonymous emotion_bigheart (donated Get Well Soon Gift, thank you, it made me happy. :3)
emotion_bigheart Of Lofty People emotion_bigheart
emotion_bigheart epicmurder emotion_bigheart
emotion_bigheart Crystal Mizuka emotion_bigheart

P.S. The reason why I tell what the anonymous donor donated is because no one could harass them for money/items, whereas I will not divulge how much, or what, anyone named above has donated, because I do not want anyone to harass them for obvious reasons.

Talk to me! :3

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Sparkle Gems Report | 11/12/2014 8:29 am
Sparkle Gems
So Violet.. what have you been up to?
I've been working a lot these past few weeks.. because the holidays are comin' up!
People need to shop, shop, shop... get a few or more gifts before Black Friday, you know?
Black Friday.. oh how I dread that day! I have to work the whole frickin day.. but it's ok.. because I won't be opening or closing..
It gets really crazy, too.. emotion_puke
Queen Cosmos Report | 08/05/2014 7:47 pm
Queen Cosmos
I don't really go on gaia too much anymore, but sure, I'd love too. smile Do you have facebook?...
bearycakes Report | 07/14/2014 12:05 pm
Thank you, same to you!
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs Report | 07/11/2014 10:36 am
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs
why thank you heart i like yours too 3nodding
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs Report | 07/06/2014 5:31 pm
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs
ooo, my max is actually higher than yours! awesome! *super proud now, even though my usual pace is WAY slower*
Sparkle Gems Report | 07/06/2014 9:18 am
Sparkle Gems
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs Report | 07/05/2014 11:48 pm
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs
i don't remember any of what i said, but i'm impressed! 80wpm is much better than my usual typing pace 3nodding i only type about 60 or so when i'm taking it easy 3nodding
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs Report | 07/05/2014 10:54 am
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs
you should probably stop procrastinating and type that up 3nodding it isn't hard or long 3nodding
................that sounded very weird................

sorry for taking so long to respond, gaia never told me you left a comment emo
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs Report | 07/04/2014 1:42 pm
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs
how life be? emotion_omnomnom
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs Report | 07/04/2014 1:33 pm
Orgasmic Cheese Puffs
greetings 3nodding

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The Awkward Life of Violet Cooper.

This is where I post the art I'm collecting, and I may even actually post a journal entry, I rarely share my feelings like that to strangers though...But I'll keep it public just in case I lose the e-mail to this account too.


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