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I walk this earth not as myself, but as who I want to be.


Here is a little background on myself if anybody is even interested:
I don't have any true hobby's, i tend to try a bit of everything and then move on to a bit of everything else. I am an avid lover of music. I mostly listen to techno, trance, and any kind of electronic music. I also listen to rap, dubstep, and everything else I com across (x I love playing video games. you name it, I probably played it (and pwnz0red you) c(: I am huge into anything to do with technology, particularly android phones and computers. If you need your phone rooted or a gaming rig built, I can definitely help I'm working on my Rubik's cube solving skills, it still takes me around 2-3 minutes to finish but I'm getting better. And I do a bit of photography/photoshop stuff.

So yea, that's all I can think of at the moment. If you want to know anything about me feel free to ask (:


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Melz Report | 05/10/2013 11:46 am
Soranae Report | 06/04/2012 11:58 am
Hey, it's been a while since I've heard from you. Hope you're doing well!
Loki Mischief God Report | 05/14/2012 1:02 pm
Loki Mischief God
Thank you! He's a very sweet little snake.

Oh, that's awesome. If I knew someone that owned a shop like that I'd probably jump into breeding in a heartbeat. Haha. I haven't bred anything, I've just been a keeper. So breeding is definitely something new that interests me but I'd have to have everything in order (Breeders, set ups for babies, and a place to sell)
D'aw, finches are cute. heart I bet the hatchlings are freakin' adorable. Baby animals always are.

Haha, that's so true. And I could give it a super adorable name like 'Cuddles'. "ANYONE WANNA PET CUDDLES?" I'm actually looking at for sale tokays right now. It's so tempting. Yes... french fries for cuddles!
Angel Beats Report | 05/14/2012 3:35 am
Angel Beats
I don't think it can be stopped...but I'm willing to give it my all to try and figure out HOW! stressed Even if I have to cross the seven sea's...and stuff like that. :3

Ahh. No wonder. I'll be sure to try that next time. I just hope I don't do it wrong .. I'm always so clumsy when it comes to following instructions correctly.

HAHAHA. Yeah...I know you aren't like him. You wouldn't mentally abuse me with harsh words. xd I'd probably get a earful
from him if I was cooking in his kitchen.

THAT' I never saw that happen in rl before. Perhaps I will someday soon? ;o ~


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it knows we're talking about FOOD! cat_gonk


User Image

we are being watched D: !
Melz Report | 05/14/2012 3:35 am
Teach me! OwO
Hopefully your PC will be okay soon :3 It can be Dx
Cute! :]
Being limited is no bueno xD
I don't know what other face to use lol
I shall! ^^

I think I'm gonna go to bed. Its a little after 3:30 and I'm getting tired x3 I will send you a text when I wake up! So you know its not some random person xD
G'night! emotion_c8
Melz Report | 05/14/2012 3:19 am
You can do magic? o.o
It crashed? o: My laptop hasn't been stupid lately and I'm hoping it stays this way >.> lol
Why is it shocking? D:
There are some pretty mean people out there lol Thanks! Unlimited is always good :3
*3* (I have no idea what that face is xD)
I will know! Soon xD
Melz Report | 05/14/2012 3:11 am
How with your ears? o:
Its okay. No rush ^.^
I say it is >:3
haha Probably just jerks looking for a laugh. I guess you have a good phone plan? o.o
I will emotion_awesome lol
Melz Report | 05/14/2012 2:58 am
Whaaaa? Not with your eyes! xD
I want to! >:3
I remember but you are cute so embrace it! lol
People are so mean if they do that Dx From Australia? Wow haha He was looking for your guidance on how to pay his mortgage on time xD
Good. I like different :3
Melz Report | 05/14/2012 2:47 am
I see xD
haha Okie dokie!
Aw, that's cute :3 lol
I use to get random text from different numbers lol what's scary is that I don't even know how they got my number o.o
My leg will be on bed rest just for you! ^.^
I will xD If I like one of her songs, I might like the others x3
Angel Beats Report | 05/14/2012 2:40 am
Angel Beats
oh god, oh god. I'm so SORRY. The captcha must be PO'D at me and is taking revenge on YOU as well!
Stupid needs to be...DESTROYED. scream

Yeah..well, most of the time I was just licking the spoon. I really liked the chocolate fudge. However, we forgot to cut the brownies into individual slices and it got rock hard. ;o;
Luckily we were still able to rip the pieces off from the tray. xd

HMPH! ..O.K then. What do I call you then ? .. "Master Chef"? Owo

hmm.. what's a flambé ?


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