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Vilpax Jaganshi

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Hiru Demonstrife Report | 11/01/2011 12:59 pm
Hiru Demonstrife
We match. Plan that one Vil?
Cahadras Report | 09/30/2010 9:36 pm
Hiru Demonstrife Report | 08/13/2010 12:17 am
Hiru Demonstrife
Okay, rid yourself of the wig, please?
Cahadras Report | 06/28/2010 1:24 pm
Cool Avi
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie Report | 12/03/2009 8:15 pm
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
yep yep yep. So I guess you and Hiru hooked up irl. You two always RPed together at the Yaoi house, so it's not really surprising.
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie Report | 12/03/2009 8:08 pm
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
On my birthday, the docs said I was cancer free, so yeah ness! ^^
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie Report | 12/03/2009 8:02 pm
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
Back in May I was told I was going to die before Christmas. >< But I got better after literally drowning myself in kemo treatments.
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie Report | 12/03/2009 7:50 pm
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
But.. I wasn't off line. >< Just no one ever posted at the mansion. crying I'm good, just being my dorky self. I made a cake yesterday and it's still soft after being in the fridge over night. ^^
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie Report | 12/03/2009 7:44 pm
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
But... I missshed jou. You made me sad when I saw you took me off your friend list. crying
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie Report | 12/03/2009 7:39 pm
Chef Zeke LeDeltrie
*is stalking you* User Image


My Dream Avatar
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Finally have it all!!

Here is a description of my main Character. She is the one I RP the most!

Her Name: Vilpax

Her Age: We'll Just Say Really Freaking Old

What does she look like? She is a Pure Fox Demon but her father was a Fire Fox and her Mother an Ice Fox, she has a love of wearing black leather three inch spiked heel boots that reach over her knees, an oh-so-short black leather skirt. Her favorite of the piece and the one that pulls her look together would be her black corset that hugs her every curve, it is laced up the front with the top three X's that the laces made lay lax with the top one exposing tender skin, and her lush breasts appear as if they're trying to get out.

Aside from her outfit she wears a sword on her back a whip on one side of her hips and Nun-Chucks on the other. She wears a sword on her back. She has Nine Cream Colored Tails which at first glance when they are in movement appear to be on fire but it is just the color of the tip of her tails. All nine can spanned to cover her back, and conceal her sword. She has a cream colored main of hair which falls about mid back with fire red, and ice blue highlights. Her cream colored ears are tipped with the same ice blue fur.

She can also take a fox form which is about the same size of a German Shepard. In this form she has the same markings on her ears and tails as well as her legs presenting the boot marking. The front left and back right 'boot' are the same red as the tips of her tails. Her front right and back left boot are the same blue as the tips of her ears.

Her Human form is an interesting one in deed. Her hair falls just below her shoulders in this form. Her eyes remain between blue and green. Her hair is black and appears to have Silver highlights in them.

Abilities/Skills/Natural: Vilpax is unique. She received traits from both her mother and her father. From her Ice Heritage. She received the ability of Empathy, Telepathy, and she has skills as with Telekinesis but isn't very strong so receives bad headaches and feels drained if she uses it too much. She also has an extreme speed that can take her short distances in an matter of seconds. She generally works up to the speed and rarely just breaks out into it. She rarely uses it as it is. She also has a small ability with healing.

Her ice and fire energies almost always play one off of the other. She rarely uses them alone. She will create fire balls or ice balls and throw them. The fire ball travels for all of thirty seconds before freezing. The Ice ball shatters what it hits and the pieces turn to flames on contact. Though due to this mixture of elements she has a rough time around the fall equinox as well as after until the first snow hits.

Personality: Though she is very kind and gentle. Vilpax has a hard side. She doesn't allow anyone but Hiru to touch her tails. Doing so can bring about dangerous consequences. She is one to watch out for as she will manipulate a situation so she gets what she wants out of it and rarely does something without a motive towards personal gain.

About her: Vilpax doesn't often speak of her past. Only when she feels is it needed. The vixen has a mate the she adores greatly, though who tends to appear and disappear at unpredictable intervals. She entertains her time with her herb garden and cleaning. She has Four kids, Mikako, Aidan, Kumori, and Emmalin. Though the youngest, Emma, is the only that truly belongs to her Mate, Hiru; he did adopt Mikako and Aidan whose real father was simply never a part of their life.

Vilpax is someone who leads Raids against Slave encampments and does so often enough it's effective but not so often or frequent any pattern is able to be discerned. Though she's now pulled away from her old life as a Bounty Hunter she still provides Protection Detail for some of her more Wealthy and Prominent clients. She also has worked quite fervently for long while on a project that has had her buried in book and papers for a while now though she seems to have hit a apex in her project or finished it completely, which one could not be sure.

Information about them as well as updates are in my journal.

Here is a picture, though it does not display all nine tails. It is Vilpax.

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User Image


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