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Vill E Fied

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Birthday: 06/10



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Power isn't entirely about being strong, and strength isn't an entirely physical matter. A truly powerful person has the patience and knowledge to know both when, and how, to use their power. A truly strong person can endure both physically and mentally, and seek help when they know that they can't do it alone.

It is important to not overlook a person, for everyone has different sides.

I am the side that others see, but most don't want to acknowledge; the side that, if acknowledged, will be ridiculed and scorned. In their plight to weaken and break me, however, this is where they go wrong.

Their failure to acknowledge me gives me strength, as well as their ridicule and scorn, and that gives me power.

Remember my words.



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Works from one with a Poisonous Heart


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Blake Byron Report | 04/17/2019 11:23 am
Blake Byron
love your avi's top, works well with the leg mods
Brooklyn Hyuuga Report | 03/04/2018 11:43 pm
Brooklyn Hyuuga
Girl x-x lol
i dont miss them days (but i also do cause they were my best experiences smile )
Brooklyn Hyuuga Report | 03/02/2018 8:23 pm
Brooklyn Hyuuga
Im so bad with replying back xd
But yes I adore it :big heart:
Its doing this look absolute wonders emotion_kirakira
K Byron Report | 02/25/2018 9:08 am
K Byron
your avi looks cool
Naturally Nebulous Report | 01/22/2018 11:00 pm
Naturally Nebulous
How are you?
mishelley Report | 11/10/2017 4:37 pm
heart heart Thank you! heart
Chromatic Hue Report | 06/10/2017 3:15 pm
Chromatic Hue
Your avi is cute too, but I have now changed it to something more LEWD! Bamboozled AGAN! >8 D
Jesse Aikens Report | 06/10/2017 10:05 am
Jesse Aikens
no probs
Jesse Aikens Report | 06/10/2017 6:13 am
Jesse Aikens
happy b day ^^
Russia_Standard_Vodka57 Report | 05/26/2017 1:33 pm
I almost did, not completely.
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