All Hail Queen

I am the Queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis.

After my humiliating defeat by Shining Armor and the rodent, I am licking my wounds and recuperating.

Don't think that, however, I am finished with Equestria and Celestia- that Solar Hag- my children still need sustenance. Mark my words, I will be back. I will have my victory...

And my revenge.

If you want to borrow any aspects of my cosplay, please feel free to. I don't claim any ownership of the item combinations and I wouldn't want to.

I used to feel huffy and defensive whenever someone would take my ideas until my friends all dressed up like me and bewailed each other for stealing their signature looks.

Now, however, I could care less. They're pixels and if someone else from the fandom benefits from my previous work, I am glad they can.

Vile Queen Chrysalis


Birthday: 07/13


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Majni Report | 02/26/2014 2:40 pm
love the Avatar
Chibi Iuna Report | 08/09/2013 7:24 pm
Chibi Iuna
Cool AVI . biggrin
iShining Armor Report | 07/13/2013 7:56 pm
iShining Armor
Happy Birthday my Queeen
Bearded Senpai Report | 07/13/2013 3:08 am
Bearded Senpai
Happy B-Day :3
Bearded Senpai Report | 07/07/2013 12:55 am
Bearded Senpai
Queen Chrysalis!

User ImageUser Image[/img]
Lily-Bell-Cat Report | 02/20/2013 12:19 pm
Awesome outfit.
iShining Armor Report | 10/27/2012 11:37 am
iShining Armor

I'll be your SHINING A R M O R
User Image

How are you havent spoken in a long time. Hope everything is ok


If you'll be my PRINCESS
iShining Armor Report | 09/16/2012 4:18 pm
iShining Armor
havent been online in awhile, how are you? Hope your doing well
Royal Princess Cadenza Report | 08/31/2012 6:15 pm
Royal Princess Cadenza
Beautiful wings!
iShining Armor Report | 08/28/2012 8:42 am
iShining Armor
((Hey Chrysalis, when ya get a chance, send me a pm please or msg me on GaiaIM. I remembered you told me you liked to do Alchemy and had a few questions))


~I'm made of bones of the branches: the bow of the brow-beating light~


My Children