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Well..., you can call me by anything as long as I agree with it LMAO
Have been playing Gaia since July 2013
Born and raised in Indonesia
Carat-L, loves to draw, INFJ-T, big fat RBF energy-inner crackhead, goes all extrovert in a day and turns into an introvert for god knows how long, hates body shaming
Usually put 8D songs in profile, so I recommend you to hear it with earphone/headset/headphone

I'm a nice person, so don't be afraid to talk or get to know me eh?
Might find me at rally going all crazy or me at Towns 2 in silent mode
but I don't accept random adds, sorry hehe (gotta earn it to get it~)
Need anything? Hmu on disc (viinn#8587)
Selling some stuff at MP, so check it out!
See ya!

Old Usernames: (get ready for the most cringey usernames in Gaia history)
xXSmokey_EyesXx, SUZUTANE, M A M O R U S O R A, VinChanXD, Vinchuu
* feel disappointed at my old self for not being able to create a normal username *

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