No matter if the person you love is a different race or isn't perfect...Remember that if you love that person, you do not care if they are perfect or different. And no one can change your feelings towards that special someone but you.=]

"Love is like playing the piano. First you learn the keys, then you learn the rules. Then you leave the rules and play by what's in your heart."

**Hehe I know I'm a doofus. rofl **

If 5,600 gaians donate 500g to me I will be able to get my Angelic Sash! 4laugh

1. *Reinne-200g* whee
2. *Tenshi_Raya06-500g* whee
3. *Klakie93-art* blaugh
4. *Klakie93-more-art* blaugh whee
5. *Lexxie~chan-1,000g* blaugh whee
6. *demented dust bunnies-dairy cloth* whee heart
7. *Reinne-1,000g* whee heart
8. *Reinne-Ducky hat! =O* heart whee blaugh Thank you!
9. *buttercup06-300g* blaugh
10.*Gnot Gnap-Chef's hat* whee heart
11.*.x.[Bleeding.Nightmare].x-Light Gray Leg Warmers* whee heart
12.*.x.[Bleeding.Nightmare].x-Blue Snowboard Pants* heart blaugh
13.*Klakie93-Elegant Blue Ribbon & 500g* heart whee
14.*Reinne-2k* heart whee
15.*Demented dust bunnies-art* whee heart
16.*NerakMai-Wingin Black Shoes* heart whee
17.*la painappuru-2,000g* heart whee
18.*Klakie93-1,000g* whee heart
19.*Shy Angel of Darkness-500g* whee
20.*[Tortured][Flame]-Blue Medical Shoes* whee
21.*XxRioTakeuchixX-1,000g* blaugh heart
22.*XxRioTakeuchixX-1,000g* eek heart
23.*CrimsonAire-300g* heart
24.*NerakMai-500g* heart whee
25.*DisneyLandFreekshow-500g* heart
26.*LuLu93Potato-Blue Medical Gloves & Charcoal Ribbed Pants* heart whee
27.*Reinne-3,000* heart whee
28.*[Tortured][Flame]-White Complex Shirt* whee heart
29.*Shy Angel of Darkness-Neck Ruffle* heart blaugh
30.*Lulu93Potato-2,000 and Light Violet Scarf* whee heart
31.*LuLu93Potato-Blue Candy Striped Stockings* whee heart

-Thank you all! By the way, there's more spots for more donaters! ~<3-

These donations are going towards my quest also. Wishlist and Quest is on this page. =3



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:3 It's Gnot Gnap.

is the video in your profile... is it a movie?
Max R Mckloud

Report | 12/24/2008 9:22 pm

Max R Mckloud

hey! how are you?!! merry christmas!!!!!! we don't talk often but Hi! lol... srry... I'm really spazzy right now1!!!
Boner Fairy

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Boner Fairy

Lovely Avatar <3

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u have a beautiful avatar =]

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thanks for the comment on my pic
general boo v2

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general boo v2

*rolls around*

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Hey there

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hey...whats up??

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crap...i forgot that i have to buy a vending license....looks like me giving you anything will havta wait....i'll give it to you sooner or later.....i got you the nurse skirt, the university skirt and the shirt.....the whole uniform^^ yay!! lol

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oaky.....i'll donate some stuff