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Hot dan!
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It's been a while since I really was on gaia.
but if I dont, my xbox live gamertag ish "Etchboom"
I have many a game, so please, play with me

I am lonely, so talk to me, comment me, pm me, hit me up, invite me, spam me, visit me, say Hi to me, hug me, yell to me, ask me, listen to me, love me, and what ever you do, don't leave me

Hi my name used to be Glassmonkies
So it has been a long time since I've wrote anything for my "About Me"
Might as well update it
I'm still tall
I'm currently in school for Video Game Design and I dream to be able to make one of the best video game some could ever play.
I have one sibling, my sister
She also has a account on Gaia, Aryn is her name
Not many of my friend on Gaia still talk to me
Back in the day though, I had so many friends
People I still talk to are Kiki, aka OMG, aka Mrs.Fail
Never met Mr.Fail...
My good friend Blood, well her name isn't Blood anymore
BUT when I met her her name was Blood
Also Blood intoduced me to Kiki, and Tud
though I did meet Blood back when I played in Towns
I used to play a lot of zOMG, but not that much anymore
My good friend Tud, TUDMAN, is also a great friend

A lot of my old friends on here dont talk to me anymore, so im trying to find more people to talk with, hell, ill talk to you, yes, YOU

Leave a comment if juu like to add me, or if u like tacos biggrin