I am an artist, a gamer, and a geek.


Note: Do not PM me to ask me what program I use, to write a tutorial for something, etc. Time is limited; if I could learn without tutorials or people constantly holding my hand, you can too.

~ About the Vickinator ~

I love art. I'm decent at both drawing and computer graphics.
I love various forms of geekery including video games, science, anime, science fiction, etc.
I enjoy almost all genres of music, except obnoxious rap or screamo music.
I like cute plushies and stationery.
I love writing.
I love anime or video game conventions! (Otakon, Anime Boston, AnimeNEXT, MAGFest)
I enjoy learning about psychology.
I am open-minded, in most cases.
I can be very stubborn, though.
I like to sing.
I like vitamin water, Coca Cola, & Snapple (Raspberry).
I like the concept of 'balance'. If you are situated TOO much in one direction, it's not very good, in my experience.
I would like to be in Human Resources eventually.
I am currently a graduate student pursuing her Masters in Social-Organizational Psychology.

Tracy&Bryan are my best friends, and I love you both.
Bryan is my awesome boyfriend who I'd give all 13 of my health hearts to, even though I need them for the next dungeon, but we all must make sacrifices, eh? ;]

I'm not a huge huge huge fan of anything, really.
I find that people who are too obsessed over one thing is neato and dedicated (it depends on what they're obsessed over and how much), but it's not my style ;o

I'm generally very nice to others.
You'll see the not-so-good side of me if you are: disrespectful, rude, elitist...etc.
I do not like people who refuse to take both sides into account before trying to say "NO YOU GUYS ARE ALL WRONG AND I'M 100% RIGHT ALWAYSSSSS!!" neutral
It's stupid and immature to do so.
I may be stubborn, but I try to never act like that.
It's annoying.

I used to make free graphics for people for a few years. About 3000 banners have been made since then.

Now, I have a button business. Check it out at http://www.vickinator.etsy.com!

Much love to the people who think I'm awesome and have donated to me! heart It is greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: I do not take any credit for the images, brushes, and so forth used to make banners, name tags, or signatures. They are of other artists' work.
Credit is fully given to them.
I never would claim another artist's work as my own, and never have.

I make many of my own brushes, but don't ask me about them -- they are for personal use unless I know you personally or until I decide to release them to the public.



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Come baaack! :c

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Vickinator, I don't know if you remember me, but I've ordered a few banners from your request shop in the past. I have a question for you, not about banners for Gaia, but your PMs are disabled, please message me if you get the chance~
.Fatal Wings.

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.Fatal Wings.

Vickii~ heart

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Hey you. How's it going?
Gabrial Sylar

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Gabrial Sylar

Hey! You probably don't remember me. You drew some stuff for me and my friend Unluffed Soul. I was XxEPdudexX back then though. biggrin

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I knew it! I looked at your graphics page on CR and noticed "profile" and this was the one thing I thought of.
It's er, Yuma, that guy that PMed you about your graphics.

I've gotten into making profiles...While I've learned a lot, they're not your calibur yet. Maybe I'll get better razz .
http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/19360756 Current one I'm working on for a friend.

Anyway, nice to see you have a Gaia. Recently got addicted again. Nice profile~!
Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy

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Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy

Thanks again Vicki. <3

I'll miss you! D;
Fu Ck this Sh it

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Fu Ck this Sh it

i love ur art it looks awesome
i posted on ur forum its like teh last page at the moment


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