Hello! -waves- My account name is Viciously_Cheerful, but you can refer to me as VeeCee :3 I'm 18, a highschool senior soon to graduate, and I have a number of interests ranging from Video games and webcomics to reading, roleplaying, various anime, and manga. Outside the internets I enjoy rainy weather, cosplay, the color blue, music, and dancing.

On the subject of cosplay I attend a number of conventions all around Texas. Hopefully I'll be going to one in California at some point or another!

Note: I had an account under the name of Amber_aviator since 2005, but it got hacked, hence, I made this shiny new account! Which is all well and dandy since I get a new start!

I'm always welcome to random PM's for chatting and you'll find me in a good mood 99% of the time. So if you have any questions or concerns go ahead and hit me up!

OH I also have a tumblr so if you have one too we can follow/learn more about each other: ShinyGamerGirl

And sometimes. I make avi art for friends and strangers who's avi's I find pretty :3


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-Tastes Like Taffy-

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-Tastes Like Taffy-

I totally had to check what it was because I'd forgotten. xD
You too, hon.

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