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Report | 01/11/2012 11:19 am

Skye River

Happy Birthday !
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Report | 09/08/2010 5:56 pm


i love your avatar whee
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Report | 07/12/2010 9:23 pm


Finally... you get Edward hair. biggrin
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Report | 07/11/2010 7:07 pm


Just wondering.. smile Is this Pikeinverse? biggrin
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Report | 06/15/2010 12:39 pm

Mike Oda

Your advice for the blue pencil was very good, thank you smile
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Report | 05/10/2010 6:35 pm


Hello there!
I just wanted to thank you for your advice in comic...ing.
"... think of your page as a full unit, not a collection of smaller pieces. Your layouts will be better if you visualize it all at once. Plan and thumbnail ahead of time instead of just jumping in, as well." This is a HUGE help to me!

Also, you know? You're right about the ackward staring into the camera! I'm always trying to find new and interesting view-points when I draw, but I guess it's something that I can work on all the same.

Thanks again!
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Report | 05/06/2010 1:03 pm


I love your avatar! O:
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Report | 03/09/2010 7:05 pm


Have a nice night smile
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Report | 03/05/2010 8:27 pm


I don't care much for it, either. So I get a little huffy every time we have a new manager or something transfer in from another store. Have one I still don't like just because her personality grates so much on my nerves. =O Oh really? You have a computer science degree? Neat! I still have no idea what I want to do as far as that goes...
I never work weekends at the moment. Part time is cool like that for me. But that's when it's the busiest. x_x Children... So glad I don't have to deal with weekend bustle.

Heh heh heh. I like those kinds of alternate somewheres. But I think that's the human desire to see/experience this world with more sapient creatures than just humans roaming about. Heh, well, I guess that means you have a solid world even without the fantasy creatures. Good luck with giving them a reason to be there. :3

*nodnod* Kind of hard not to, not with certain con convention artists taking up more tables than they're allowed and other things, or strange MSPaint abusers who think they're the best thing to hit the digital art world since the tablet, or what-have-you. Or just plain lolcows. I normally don't namedrop, but one that I laugh at most is the creator of Sonichu. Strange, strange fellow, that one.
I've never really frequented TVTropes, so I don't really know what all they're about.
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Report | 03/05/2010 7:44 pm


Heh heh heh. :3 I wouldn't mind an active desk job, no matter how oxymoronic that sounds. As long as I'm doing something, I don't mind it. But there's never really a slow season for a clothing store. Especially not the one I work at. Christmas was nuts, but there's a line or so every week that matches or surpasses Christmas lines. I couldn't survive alone with the pay I make, but at least I have people to live with. Not my family, though; I moved out to be my own person.

True. Every now and again, I'll pull out an old favorite to reread. x3

I've actually gotten at least one culture and world built up for a race I made. Still working all the kinks out of it, though. Trying to give them more societal faults and flaws and make them real and all that jazz. Some of my most awesome ideas came out during my Mary-Sue stage. That's weird how that works. Heh heh. I don't mind a Somewhere, USA, but I'm so infatuated with the exotic and bizarre that I don't care to even try most books that are set in the real world, unless they're written with extremely interesting characters or happenings. Alternate Somewheres make things interesting, too. A friend of mine has a story that takes place in alternate versions of the town he lived in while he was writing the basis of the story down. Real life, the town's a rural nowhere; a spot on the map. But in his story, it's become part of a massive metro, a city instead of just a rural dot. I envy his creativity sometimes.

lol Yeah.... I don't trust ED's verity, but it's good for a laugh. I sometimes get a little riled, though, over things I read about the less-than-savory devianTARTlets who make complete idiots of themselves, for sake of example. Other people than dA imbeciles irritate me, too. Just some of the things they do are so against my moral standing.
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Report | 03/05/2010 7:12 pm


I can sit for ages, but I'm pretty flexible in the fact that I don't really have a preference. I just need comfy shoes if I'm going to be on my feet a lot, since I have issues with my arches. Which means I need new ones for work. lol My only real complaint is that I want to be working full time so I can have pay that I can actually live off of.
I rarely reread, for some reason, but if I have nothing else that I want to read, then I do. I want to reread the Nightwing series, since I was given a book from the middle of it as a gift.

World building is fun. There's really no limit to what one can do. It makes me wonder why people don't indulge in it a little more, what with all the rampant modern-day, Somewhere, USA settings in spotlighted literature anymore. Wow, you've really got the makings of a planet there! =D Sounds like an interesting place to explore!

I'll be sure to do that. I'm willing to bet that Wiki has some information. If not, I know that Encyclopedia Dramatica probably would, if I want that kind of view.
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Report | 03/05/2010 4:46 pm


Heh heh heh. I work in one of those clothing stores. Well, more like the department store that people shop at to make others think they're richer than they are and yet still complain to get a better price. Sucks, but a job's a job and I have to live somehow. I know what you mean on those stacks of books needing to be read. I have one of those, too. Thomas Harris and Anne Rice are both in it for the time being, along with more Asimov. xD

Oh really? Interesting. :3 I wish more people would put that kind of effort into their worlds. I'm starting to, but spreading my attention between three different ones is making it a little more difficult. One world is sci-fi/futuristic, one is modern day, and the other's a contemporary high-fantasy, like FMA but with magic instead of alchemy. At least, those worlds that my three primary OCs belong to. I'm hoping that eventually the worlds will be more than just pale shades of what they could be.

Oh? It makes me wonder what the man's been up to. But I guess if I want to know, I can go looking for myself. I want to look at one of his books next time I go book-shopping just to see if he does credit anyone else at all. Bare minimum just to keep the self out of trouble, is what it sounds like.
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Report | 03/04/2010 9:50 pm


We have one in my area, but I don't go to it as often as I do Barnes and Noble. B&N is right next door to my workplace. I just have to control myself because there's so many books I want, but I can't afford them.

Heh heh heh. I know what you mean. Mostly what my OCs needed from me was time to become their own person. My oldest OC is the only one with a full story to her name. I'm working on the story behind another one, but I need to know my world history before I delve too much into hers.

xD Then I must be a b*tch, if you consider it mean to trash another person publicly. Not that it's a bad thing on your part, but I'm downright cruel sometimes if I dislike what a person did enough to rage about it online. But yeah, in that thread, it probably did need to be said. I didn't know that he was such a hack. Well... To that magnitude. I knew he was, but not like THAT. Man, what horrible practice. I'm never buying any of "his" books and I'm never going to encourage others to buy them. That's almost as bad as Nick Simmons' recent busting on "his" series.

Thank ya :3 I hope I can get them taken care of somehow. I've never seen that episode and I really would like to.
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Report | 03/04/2010 8:41 pm


*nodnod* Variety is the spice of life, after all. :3

I'll have to have a look around Half Price or Books A Million sometime. See if I can't find it and get rid of this crappy book, "Vampire$", that I bought on a whim because it sounded interesting. It's not. It reads like a teenaged boy trying too hard to be grown up wrote it.
Ha ha. I don't like retcons at all. I don't really know why, but I just don't. I try not to do it to any of my OCs' stories. I'm completely rewriting and updating my oldest character's story because I don't want her to be the fancharacter Mary Sue from the Metroid universe that she used to be. And I completely obliterated one of my OC's status as an FMA fancharacter and updated her to be a mage instead. No point in retconning stories that failed from the get-go. lol

I have no idea about how Hart does business, but I do know his art is mediocre at best. Hell, most of the art students here on Gaia could probably write a better How-To than he has. At least, most of them illustrate better than he does. Errol, Nathaniel, and Anna being chief among those who can. I almost bought one of his books while I was doing some looking around for a friend who wants to draw his own comics, but got a different book instead. I think that was the night I invested in Miller's Freaks! how-to. lol I'm normally not much for destroying books, but if the person is enough of a scumbag, then I couldn't care less.

Yeah... Mine were both ordered online. I think I would have to go to somewhere that repairs discs. Or purchase a refill for my CD Doctor contraption or get a new one. That thing fixed my Pokemon the First Movie CD I don't know how many times before it wore out. The CD Doctor, that is.
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Report | 03/04/2010 8:15 pm


xD True. I can understand that. There's a line between enough and too much, but Tolkien didn't cross it for me. To each their own. 3nodding

No, I haven't, actually. But I hear good things about it. From the sound of things, it's worth checking out.
I usually just stay away from comic book superheroes. Not really my thing, I guess, though I'll watch the movies if they catch my attention. I'm not all that fond of Marvel's habit of retconning and rebooting and all that jazz. To me, that just says that the original storylines weren't good enough, or that they want to change something without nullifying anything.

I have quite a few from various artists, like Neondragon and one or two of the manga ones. Just not Chris Hart. I prefer Steve Miller to that guy. Even Hart's realism is too cartoony. I want Dracopedia, though, and this dragon anatomy poster that Todd Lockwood has done.
But yeah, I use them just to get some ideas of how to do this or that in a certain way. I've been trying to find some material for tribal tattoos so I can vary my own tribal designs more without using Google Images, but not really having much luck there.

Heh heh. I'll have a look into it. Is there any specific time frame that the discs had to have been bought in or does it not matter?
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Report | 03/04/2010 7:07 pm


LotR isn't for everybody, as I've said in my ventures into the Books forum against Eragon fantards. But I liked it. What kept you from finishing? Just didn't hold your attention throughout the whole thing? *curious*
Can't say I've heard of that one. But I'll join you on the Phantom of the Opera love. I had a paperback copy of it, but I think I'm going to invest in a hardcover when I can. That poor paperback went through a few people reading it. I'm not too big on the whole Western comics thing, but I do admit to enjoying Alan Moore's stories. Watchmen and V for Vendetta sucked me in. Heh heh heh. If there's anything I don't lack, it's art and regular reference material. I get some of the better How-to-Draw books for the neat art that's in them. None of that how-to manga, but others over specific niches, like anthropomorphic creatures and beasts and mechs. I love looking at that stuff.

It's pretty funny. xD I mean, not all Japanese are xenophobic, but as a whole, Japanese are pretty nationalistic. I wish I could have met my grandmothers, but that whole post-WWII childhood and teenager-dom... Yeah. Cancer, both of them.

Actually, I'd never even thought of that. I didn't really know I could do that, either. But that's a great idea. Thanks! :3 Hopefully I'll be able to get at least one or both replaced. But first, I need to rewatch them to see where they mess up.
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Report | 03/04/2010 6:34 pm


*nodnod* Too true. Personally, I just read the blurbs on the backs of books to see if they'll interest me, and if that isn't definitive enough, I flip through and see if there's something worth getting to in the story. But yeah, keeping it broad is the best. Most of my library right now consists of teen (sans teen romance) novels and classics that few other teenagers would really read even if assigned it in class. I used to be pretty into Robert Louis Stevenson, and Treasure Island remains one of my favorites. My prize book is my compiled edition of The Lord of the Rings, and my most admired author is Isaac Asimov. I'm kind of scattered across the genres in things that I like, can you tell? xD *nod* That's one thing I'm glad I never became. That is, a homing laser that deems everything that comes from Japan must be awesome because this or that was awesome. It's a sad generalization, how they idolize Japan and the Japanese so much when really, Japanese can be quite the douchebags to foreigners, especially pasty white self-proclaimed otaku who don't know a lick of Japanese but the misheard dubs they saw on their favorite anime series.

Heh heh. Same, except, for some reason, both of the box sets I have screw up on the same exact episodes. It's during Kenshin's showdown with Saito; both discs screw up somehow and leave me unable to watch that one.

Really? Then I might yet give it a chance. Just not anytime soon, if I know myself. xD
I'll end up reading the NHK Wiki entry tonight. Just so I can go into it with an idea of what it is.
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Report | 03/04/2010 5:52 pm


Same here. I used to be a bit of a weeaboo, myself, but thank God I grew out of that. I think of myself as extremely picky on what I buy, seeing as how I've got only six series out of the fifty-plus that bookstores carry. Not everything Japan spits up is golden, after all. That's a weeaboo mindset. I may love the culture and want to learn more, but good Lord, I want to get beyond the anime.

I think you'll like Buso Renkin. It's not as technical about its alchemy as FMA is, but it's got some neat tricks and such in it. I liked it for the fact that Tokiko, the lead girl, is no shoujo-type girl, but is deeper than the cliche quiet girl with the mysterious past. And yeah, that's what I like about Watsuki's characters. He's not the cut-and-paste artist who draws everyone the same and gives them different hair or clothing. I like manga artists like that.

Yeah... Just judging on the Wiki entry, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't really like most slice of life stories. I can't think of anything that I've seen that is, besides Forrest Gump and I didn't really even see all of that. And now that I know, I'll probably steer clear of Azumanga Daioh. I was going to look into it, but now I'm thinking not.
Can't say I've heard of that one, Rumbling Hearts. Doesn't sound all that interesting. Sounds like a romance of some sort. I tend to steer pretty clear of those, too. And I've learned not to listen to people who fangasm over something. Fangasms generally mean that they don't know anything better than this series, like today's sudden obsession with night-walking fairies and shape-shifting mutts. I avoided that like the plague and I probably will continue to do so until after the hype dies. Maybe then I'll give it a chance. That goes for just about anything, Hetalia, True Blood, Halo, etc.
As long as characters intrigue me and make me wonder what goes on in their heads, then it's likely that I'll keep paying attention. NHK sounds like it fits the category. x3
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Report | 03/03/2010 7:49 pm


Heh heh heh. Whatever works! I wish I had a way to do it like that.

Same here. It was also my first real manga. Rather, "older teen" manga whose anime didn't get dumbed down to safety like Pokemon. I've got all 28 of them. x_x They take up one and a half of those cheap DVD storage boxes you can buy at Walmart. Buso Renkin, by the same guy, is a good one to look at, too. It's alchemy, but not like FMA at all. Short, too. Ten volumes. And oh yeah, I was so pumped for that final arc before I knew that anime has a tendency to split from the manga and that OVAs existed. Now that was a bummer.
Lawl! True that! Hannya is my personal favorite of the Oniwabanshu. I like Aoshi as the pretty face of the group, but Hannya's the embodiment of the ninja way as spies. Garish in his own right with the stripes on his arms, but his costume has a purpose.

Ooh.. That sounds interesting. :3 I can't say I really know any "real life" or "slice of life" series in particular, so I therefore can't say whether or not I have a favorable predisposition to them, but I'll give NHK a look-see. Lord knows that after I finish out Hellsing and FMA I'll be looking for yet another series to add to my personal library of manga and anime.
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Report | 03/03/2010 7:14 pm


I think the US release is somewhere around 22 for FMA. 22 or 23. That's the last I saw when I went to pick up Kurosh*tsuji Vol. 1.
Ha ha. I can see what you mean on those 'endless' series. Inuyasha was bad, Naruto's getting there, and Bleach is, too. Anything that takes up more than one shelf at Barnes and Noble is immediately cast aside. I'm not that rich. x3 That and I just don't dig the whole ninja gig that Naruto's got. My kind of ninja are the Onmitsu from Rurouni Kenshin.

Do it! =D Kurosh*tsuji is worth it. I'm already a Sebastian fan.
Eh, I don't really do 'cute'. 'Cute enough' for me was The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. That's the extent of cute that I've seen and liked. "Welcome to the NHK", huh? Never heard of it. What's it about?
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