I am an avatar.
I exist through fiction.
I wear many faces.
I do not get sad.

I am a competent, experienced writer who enjoys roleplaying. I have a preference for female or herm characters, but I will play traps on occasion. Other than that, I do not play male characters. I tend to prefer Chatango and F-List over private message roleplays, but I'll do it if you haven't got a profile on either site. I have a wide variety of fetishes, most of them bondage and submission-oriented. Send me a message if you'd like more details, or are interested in setting up a scene.



Things to look at.

I haven't decided on a theme for this journal. When I want to put something in here, I'll do so.



Not a female. Still prefer "She", though.
Call me a slut. I love it.

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