You know you love the Vibes.

Dont let them know D:

My name is Richard, but you probobly already know that
My birthday is may eleventh, nine-teen ninety three
You do that math on what my age is
I'm in Ninth grade
But I failed second
I'm pretty funny and adventurous too. Plus my favorite color is purple
I'm doing well in school, and have gotten back with my best friend, so i'm enjoying life a lot more.
I plan to pass High School, and go to an art school, be recruited out to some random job for a couple of years, and then work out writing manga series, in America, if I end up not moving to Japan.

I'm pretty serious about what I do and how I do my decisions
I'm kind of oblivious to anger~ So i'm always happy.
Also, i'm free, but I don't date over the internet, so don't try to ***** me. >.o

I guess if you offend me or my friends I'll pretty much knock your lights out, because I don't kid about that kind of stuff

I like to role play, though not through PMs, we can just make a thread and call it private. When I roleplay, it's usually a romantic one, and I can't take my eyes off my partners picture.

Don't try to hack me because anything that sound suspicious to me I don't even reply to, sometimes if theres enough proof and i'm not lazy I'll report you.

Please don't spam me either. I can't stress this enough, I have to deal with some idiots at my schools crap so when i get home the last thing I was to see it fifty messages in my inbox about viagra.

I don't really care if you read this or not, because i'd preferr you'd talk to me to find me out, but i'm sure we can still be friends no matter what your choice is.

Don't let life ******** you in the a** too hard. :3