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~Who I am.

Shy guy. emo
Before I was always afraid to make a mistake. Thinking about what to say or what to do, but end up not doing any of it because I was afraid I will mess up. You could say "Forever Alone." That's how I thought my entire life was going to be. I don't even have many peers.
Coming out of my shell. biggrin
Now I don't care what other people think. If they think I'm weird or crazy, then I'm weird and crazy. Its better than being a "normal" person. I'm not a follower, I do whatever I like to do. I play games a lot but I'm thinking of limiting that and meeting new people. I used to dance but ever since I moved, I stopped dancing. Its boring dancing without a friend.
So, I live in Florida(Sunshine State). Its an alright place. I always sneeze when I look up at the sun whee . Anyways, that's I want to talk about. Thanks for reading? Why are you reading this? How did you find my profile? Where am I? Who are you?!

~Victor Huy Kim. mrgreen
~~~~~~~The Weirdo

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Tuux Report | 03/05/2015 3:44 pm
your welcome, and thank for the sale. have a nice day :]
Unconsciously Report | 01/08/2013 2:01 pm
emerald xD
razor sharp intellect Report | 12/31/2012 9:41 pm
razor sharp intellect
Happy New Year
to you, too!
razor sharp intellect Report | 12/31/2012 7:35 pm
razor sharp intellect
heart THANK-YOU. heart . THANK-YOU. heart . THANK-YOU. heart
~ ummmm.... Guess what? Thanks for the Trade! ~
DashDotDotDash Report | 12/31/2012 7:56 am
No problem! ^^
I wish you the best for this oncoming year.
Reckless Bunnie Report | 09/05/2012 5:38 pm
Reckless Bunnie
Your welcome whee
razor sharp intellect Report | 09/05/2012 12:45 pm
razor sharp intellect
You're WELCOME !
You're WELCOME !

You're WELCOME !

> lol <
OKIE-DOKIE!! Ya got 3 ~>"Thanky-Thankys"<~ fer 3 "thingies" ....

You OWE me....lemme see, ...uh..... ....TWO MORE THANK-YOUS-es !!

:-:-:-<>- . rofl . -<>- -<>- . rofl -<>-:-:-:-:
Migi Lambkins Report | 09/05/2012 12:42 pm
Migi Lambkins
I'm questing, so thanks for selling at a good price!!!

.~.Lady_Aji.~. Report | 08/25/2012 12:09 am
Thanks for the purchase.
AhoyAlly Report | 10/07/2011 2:28 pm
Awesome xD