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My current life story


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iMonochromeHeart Report | 10/19/2012 4:23 pm
Veyrias do you remember me? It's roukou.......
Laoise Mikucki Report | 08/13/2012 2:14 pm
Laoise Mikucki
Yes. I dug a very large hole and fell clear away to China.
Reyea Maush Report | 08/01/2012 2:37 pm
Reyea Maush
Vey Vey ^_^
Cerina-lynn Report | 08/01/2012 9:55 am
It's a real long story..
Versace King Report | 07/30/2012 9:58 pm
Versace King
hey i need to get your number its john
Specter Alpha Report | 06/26/2012 9:29 pm
Specter Alpha
Yeah, dude. How've you been?
Duncan Kokoro Report | 01/03/2012 9:16 am
Duncan Kokoro
Happy Birthday Vey; I wish you good health in the New Year. ;3
CDTHOMAS Report | 10/13/2011 10:14 pm
Christopher Thomas
I am dressed in an Asian outfit ^^
CDTHOMAS Report | 09/28/2011 11:10 am
-comes to your profile- -POKES-
hello old buddy D:
I don't come on here much xD o,o''
I live on Facebook now biggrin
if you want you can add me biggrin
Magnum P_1 Report | 08/27/2011 2:57 am
Magnum P_1
Saw your status, I miss the old times to man this is Joe btw if you dont remember. We we're all in a police department I think thats how me you black and everybody met.




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