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The full name's Veronica Yvette anne Jose Valintine. But i prefer to be called Ronie. Family and close friends call me YVETPOT OR VET at times. Born on the 4th day of July year 1988. Middle child. Nursing student. My fave colors are: green, yellow, orange and pink.

I am just an ordinary girl livin a humble and ordinary life just like most people.

Shutterbug/camwhore/photofreak? A certified couch potato? Self-confessed sweets lover? DLSU green archers AAp basketball team fanatic? Music lover? NBA fan? beach lover? flip-flops addict? THAT'S ME!

I laugh at silly movies anf I'm stubborn as tone. Yeah. I criticize my body(almost 24/7)i think. haha I can tell you good music. I like to dance, sing and act crazy with my friends. When times get tough? Yes, I cry just like everybody else. I tend to over analyze things sometimes.

I'm not the prettiest nor the sexiest. Neither am i the smartest nor the richest...and all the other -ests. but i couldn't care less. I'm not perfect. i make mistakes. All that matters is that I am okay with who and what i am. I'm not fake. I can argue but i hate to. I hate drama and can live without it and the people who cause it.


[1] Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many people call you, and it's not about who you're dating, are dating or haven't dated yet. It isn't about who you've kissed, what sport you pay, or which guy/girl likes you. It's not about your shoes or your hair or the color of your skin or where you live or go to school. In fact, it's not about grades, money, clothes or colleges. Life isn't about if you have lots of friends, or if you are aloe and it's not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. Life just isn't about that. But life is about who you love and who you hurt. It's about how you feel about yourself. It's about trust, happiness and compassion. It's about sticking up to your friends and replacing inner hate with love in a way that could never have bee achieved otherwise.


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Veroanica Yvette

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Veroanica Yvette

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