Funny how beings so insignificant, real life and online, can cause so many problems in a relationship. With that being said, I am going to excommunicate those who do the listed above, regardless of who you are. Have a good life.

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Listed in no specific order are those that I am grateful for friendship through Gaia even if associate with them elsewhere.

Haisieo Korigashine: Josh, you were one of the first to start a role play with me, more over a combat for training. I can never thank you enough for that as it was technically my first win. Though do not fret, you; I have contact with you other ways so I'm not too worried about it.
Xaphriel Eden: Issac, you were always one of the more quieter friends that I acquired, though still there were times when you were there for me when I had no one else to talk to. There is no words that can be thought of for the gratitude I have for you.
Sabatagear: You sir, are one of the few that I can thank for helping me create an RPC with little assistance from others and in the end it be mine. You gave me a boost with Lelayne and I'm not sure if you really wanted to or not, even though you said otherwise. Considering the facts of me bothering you about it constantly, haha. Thanks Sabatoge.
Joran Kagirama: Johnny, you are one of the few friends that have considerably stood by me regardless, even if it wasn't for much that it was with. You're one of the few that I have only good memories of friendship with as well.
Thakora: Byron, I can't even remember most of the time that I've known you; All the way back in 2006+. The longest friend that I've had on gaia, that is for sure. Hard to believe that you made your way to the same community after several years that I was in.
Kale Avery: Brother, the only one I call such. I put a lot of my s**t on to you and all you ever did was to stay calm and for what ever forsaken reason it helped. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you as much as what you've been for me, though I've always come to you with my issues.. I apologize for not being more sincere to yours.
Rakyi: Chris, one of the few that liked my original name when I became part of '6606'. One of the few who remember me by the name, as well as refer to me as it. "Fluid", I will forever respond when someone addresses me as such, haha.
Agragorn the Celestial: Leo, Leo, Leo. . . You Tyler are one of the few that I know to have "inside jokes" with my fiance and I have no flying ******** what's going on. Also one of my better friends that I can't seem to recall ever getting upset with in any way. It should stay that way, for your saftey.8l Hurrhurr. <3
Grobanish: Meggy, I don't have many memories with you -- that I can recall at least -- Though I do know you have helped my man through a few rough spots and vice versa, also that you always stayed neutral when anything got hairy.
Aspen Cassiel: . . . Ahm - Burh. That is for sure one memory I will always have.. "I don't like my name; it's a 'bimbo' name!!" Even still, I can get away with calling you it, hahh. >:3
Nilion Unlustig: Rachee, you have always had my back and let me confide in you when I had no other chick to talk to. One of my first that I can consider a friend in the community of '6606'. I will never forget Ten.