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Mochi Pink Report | 12/18/2013 3:05 am
Mochi Pink
Cool avi
XxJoeyKittyLovemuffinxX Report | 08/04/2013 1:41 pm
Thank You! you are awesome! biggrin
Kn Glory v2 Report | 07/31/2013 5:34 pm
Kn Glory v2
I really need you help please
TheFluffyOn3 Report | 05/23/2013 2:52 pm
cool avi
Urd Tanzanite Report | 02/14/2013 1:59 am
Urd Tanzanite
Thank you for your purchase.
eminoir Report | 01/07/2013 10:14 pm
(rude, as in the other person, not you)*
eminoir Report | 01/07/2013 10:13 pm
I didn't want to spam the forum any more by continuing the discussion on a closed thread, so I thought I'd drop a comment.

Just wanted to thank you for explaining things in a non-abusive way; I will keep everything you had stated under consideration if I were to ever make a thread in that forum (although I do venture art shops, freebs, and auctions more often).
I also wanted to apologize if I seemed a bit defensive or hostile. Mhee's a really close friend of mine, and quite frankly, I don't take rude people very lightly, especially when they act like so towards friends. ; n;

But on a side note, your avi is very nice. Would it be odd if I used you as a muse sometime?
castigat ridendo mores Report | 11/03/2012 11:53 pm
castigat ridendo mores
Stop being a genius.
And stop making me laugh so much.
Seriously. emotion_kirakira
physically nauseating Report | 11/01/2012 10:09 pm
physically nauseating
Like your hair
lnfatuated Report | 08/13/2012 1:56 pm
I adore the avi art in your signature.
And nice avi btw. o:

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