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My lovely artwork, commissioned by different artist. Clicky the links, and dont worry, nothing bad will happen. razz
Pm me if you or someone you know does art. I'm always looking for new pieces and pay well.

by Chanker

by Zakiax

by Alder Kurenai

by kila-the-dragoon

by 'C est la vie

by ~Manavi~

by .[. Avocado .].

by Triratna

by [. E D E N .]

by Ashura-of-Shura

(Prom outfit) by Ice_queen_kat

bY Ice_queen_kat

(Prom outfit) Yucky Ramen

by Kchan27

by Moonblow

by Melody Strawberry

by Kurohou

by invokke

by Teshia l Lyndall

by The Tainted Truth

by TehSockThief


Venge's Diary

The diary of Venge and other random s**t.



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Report | 03/07/2015 5:49 pm


thanks for buying ~ come again
Lord Rubedo

Report | 11/07/2012 2:10 pm

Lord Rubedo

Still Missing the old days?

Report | 07/22/2012 7:58 pm


cool avi
Sly Savarin

Report | 03/12/2012 9:16 am

Sly Savarin

Hello there. I love the way your profile looks heart

Report | 05/23/2011 10:35 pm


was wondering if i could trade u zombie g corp tshirt n 60k for your golden wings

Report | 05/20/2011 1:53 pm


Oh you're welcome =] no problem! Its a unique outfit and it goes great with the skin tone.
I kow exactly what you mean with the avi. Im the same way. I just go on tektek and keep recrating.
I actually have something called the Exotic Princess Collection that I just started. It's based off
my history in real life. If you squirl down its right after the first two dream avi's.
And if you go to my profile and go to the Exotic Princess part it will explain that. =]

Report | 05/19/2011 6:34 pm


Awwwe well thank you very much. Im soooo happy
that you said that because I was thinking really hard on my own look&feel.
It took me about 2 days like I said to make sure everything was just right. Im glad you like that much. =]
Speaking of items, I can't get over your avi. =D Its so magnificent. I love the colors and it just looks like
you really took time to think about it. Im kind of that way with my avi. I cant just have her wear anything.
Sometimes I have themes. I usually make a dream avi when a certain idea pops in my head.
For ex. One time I had a romantic maid, then i had a rich french lady, and then i had a ....well you get the point. =]
Hee hee hee! I take items and dressing up my avi quiet seriously. Its my favorite part of gaia.

Report | 05/19/2011 10:38 am


Well it's great my friend! =]
Really, you think I should make a shop? =] Am I that good?
Are you talking about my art or my profile? hee he
By the way that is an overkill for the gold amount. I know you think its worth it
but i never imagined profiles to cost so much.
But i dont have room to talk really because i spent a lil over 250 dollars in real life buyying gaia
cash cards so i can get items that I want. And that was just this past month I spent that m much real money.
Ive spent money on the cards in the past before.

Report | 05/19/2011 10:12 am


Hee hehehehehee blaugh Thank you! I was going for an exotic type of look.
But I really do like your profile even if you designed it or not.
It's you. I think it fits you. It even matches your avi a lil.
Unless that's the point. hee hee =]
Yeah I see people are making profile for pple now. And charging!
That's outrageous. How much did you pay? Are you satisfied with it?

Report | 05/19/2011 10:04 am


Bwa ahahhahaha 4laugh thank but no where as darling as yours!
I also like your profile. I just updated mine. :3
It took me 2 -3 days to do my profile hee he.


heart Checkie out my profile for more art. heart