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The Batman

Aliases: World's Greatest Detective, The Dark Knight, Gotham's Guardian, The Caped Crusader
Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Businessman, philanthropist, billionaire, playboy

Name: Bruce Wayne
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Place of Birth: Gotham City


Early Life:
When Bruce was eight years old, he and his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne were walking from Gotham's Monarch Theater one night, when they were held up at gunpoint by a mugger who demanded a pearl necklace that Martha was wearing. When Dr. Wayne refused to surrender it, both he and Martha were shot dead in the streets. The killer was a criminal known as Joe Chill. Fortunately, physician and social worker Leslie Thompkins was making a house call that night, and arrived to give loving comfort to the traumatized Bruce. He was then raised on the Wayne Manor estate, with help from the wise and loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth. However, since that fateful night, Bruce Wayne swore an oath that he would devote his life to fight and rid the city of crime that blessed his family for generations.

Bruce Wayne swore an oath to rid the city of the evil that had taken his parents' lives. He spent his youth traveling the world, training himself to intellectual and physical perfection and learning a variety of crime-fighting skills, including chemistry, criminology, forensics, martial arts, gymnastics, disguise, and escape artistry.

Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City after many years of study, training his body and mind as he developed it into perfection. Despite having all of the skills and methods to fight crime, he still felt that there was something missing in the completion of his physical and mental arsenal. Wayne discovered the answer late one night while sitting half-dead in his manor's study. He recalled his fear of bats as a child after a large one crashed through one of the windows; he ultimately decided to make his appearance resemble one of a bat. Wayne then designed himself a costume equipped with experimental technology and set out against the crime and corruption that thrived within Gotham City.

Batman Begins:
Wayne's tactics to oppose crime as a vigilante at night proved successful, turning him to become an urban legend in Gotham. He would reveal himself at a dinner of the most influential and corrupt figures in Gotham, promising them all that their reigns on the city would eventually come to an end. Due to this, most of the Gotham City Police Department was sent in force to capture the Caped Crusader during his first year. He gained his most powerful ally when he met police lieutenant James Gordon, one of the few honest cops on the force. The two developed a working partnership operating outside of the law when they needed to. As the Batman he formed many enemies and allies and even joined affiliations like the Justice League. By then he rid crime all the way from infiltrated asylums to stopping world threatening situations as well as saving the entire multiverse from destruction in a blink of an eye. To this day he continues to use his legend to put fear within the hearts of the criminals of his home city.
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Botanical Beauty Report | 07/09/2017 5:11 am
Kind of feel like it's been...well, forever. How have you been, B?
Just A Tad Bit Insane Report | 01/01/2017 5:25 pm
"Ah ah ahh, hello old friend how are you. Arkham was a bit lonely with out big ol basty around. How about we catch up with a good game of poker. I'm back Batman HAHA"
Nindo Naruto Report | 08/26/2016 9:55 pm
I apologize for not being active. I've been so busy the last few months xc But, how about that Justice League RP idea you had? Where it starts off in Central City or something like that.
Femme Feral Report | 08/22/2016 3:03 pm
}{ I hope so too! lol ^^; Thank you <3
Femme Feral Report | 08/22/2016 2:36 pm
}{ Unfortunately, yeah. More so in the way that I'm so stressed I cannot think most the time. Work related stress. I'll have posts out soon, not sure when, but I will.
Sinister Scarecrow Report | 08/21/2016 7:08 am
I appreciate the sentiments, honestly anyone stopping to say they give a s**t, is reason enough to give pause. I'm still uncertain about the fate of Doctor Crane, though I may linger around until my part in the event ends just to not be a douche and screw up the flow of things. I do know I've retired Ragdoll, though Peter Merkel Jr was always only a brief science project like Penguin, and Killer Croc, they never last long. Jervis Tetch will be here forever, even if he retires into light RP and Chatterbox trolling, and because I do have a good many friends on here I'd rather not lose touch with, you being one of them. And finally the Clown Prince, I had a brief tantrum about leaving... As I sometimes do, but Quinn managed to persuade me as she often does, as well as all these newcomers casually obsessed with Leto Joker, they come and go too quickly, I've got to do my best to represent the past greats before my time, 'White Duke of Death' and 'Emperor Joker' as they've long since moved on. And of course, where would Batman be without his favorite nemesis (probably enjoying his social life more) but still, I can't bare the thought of giving up my crown as Veteran Joker lol. All in all, I may just kill off a couple profiles.
Carlos 0livera Report | 08/18/2016 9:14 pm
"hmmmm lets just say I have some 'trust issues' goin on with them"
Carlos 0livera Report | 08/18/2016 1:31 pm
"YOOO What's up Bats!? Haven't seen ya in a while man? How's the crime fighting going?!"
Clara Rosalie Elias Report | 08/04/2016 6:25 pm
((I promise you, I try to respond to our rp but my messages keep crashing every time I try to send it! xp It's driving me up a wall and I cannot wait for my new laptop!))
Sector 2814 Report | 07/11/2016 3:37 am
[ I'll be adjusting to Hal Jordan here soon for another guild. Does that hinder me playing the role of Mr. Strange? ]


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