name: Just call me Penelope
nickname: Bunny or Puppy
birthday:May 26th
hair: Burgundy mowhawk
eyes: Dark brown
any piercings?:I wish.
tattoos: I want.
any siblings?: 2 brothers and 1 sister
what do you like to wear?:Comfy things!

book: Not sure.
color: I like alot of colours, not yellow or brown though.
movie: Tekkonkinkreet, Spirited away, Paprika, My neighbor Totaro, SweenyTodd.
place: New York City
food: Sushi
dessert: Tira Misu
alcoholic drink: Calypso
non-alcoholic drink: Pepsi
day of the week: Wednesday
number: 89
month:April,May and June
city: New York City
animal: All of 'em!
time of the day: 12:00 to 2:00
smell: People I like
tv channel: Not sure
song at the moment: Aru Machi no Gunjou~Asian Kung-fu Generation
friend: Don't make me choose!

place to be: Dentist
time of the day: 6:00 am
day of the week: Monday,Tuesday and Sunday
song/music gender: Dubstep
animal to you: I don't like horses too much
drink: Almond milk
food: I'm not sure

~*have u ever*~
been so drunk that you cant remember: No
been in love: Yes
been on TV: No
stolen anything: No
been on stage: Yes
passed out: Yes
had a surgery: No
broke the law intentionally: No
had a friend pass away: Yes
been dumped: Yes

~*do you*~
do drugs: No
get drunk: No
dance: Only when really happy
party: No (I'm socially retarded when it comes to that)
sing: Only when I know all the words
play an instrument: Use to (Violin and piano)
get along with your parents:Sometimes
think you are attractive: Not at all
swear: All the time
smoke: No but you might drive me to it
get motion sickness: Nope
wear contacts/glasses: No
get good marks: Sometimes
watch cartoon: Hell yes
write poems/stories: Yes
take a particular medicine: Yes
go to a shrink: Yep
have a pet: Yes
are you allergic to something: Pretty much everything
play an online rpg: Yes
get online on msn a lot: Don't have one
google a lot: Yes
have fights: Alot
read magazines: When there is nothing else to do/in a waiting room
read comics: Manga all the way
how many hours do you sleep: Depends
how frequently do you go to hairdresser: Whenever I can
get along with your teachers: Teachers love me

What's your preferred genre of music: I like forms of J-pop
All-time favorite band/artist: Too many!
All-time favorite song: Hurt by Johnny Cash/ Laugh maker by Bump of chicken
What's your favorite radio station: I hate the radio
rock: Mhm
blues/jazz: Uh-huh
classical: Indeed
rap: Word (Older rap)
pop: Yep
country: Only Johnny Cash and Dixie Chicks
emo/screamo: Definatley
heavy metal: As long as it doesn't sound like a garbage disposal
techno: Awww yeaaa!
reggae: For sure
r&b: Ooooohhh yeeeaaaahhh~

time you cried: A few days ago
movie you watched: TekkonKinKreet
person you talked on the phone: Dad
song played: They never stop going
thing you ate: Ramen
time you took a bubble bath: Ages ago
time you got drunk: Never
time you read a book: Last year
time you met someone new: Everyday

~*do you believe in*~
God: No
religions: Not really
aliens: Not sure
ghosts: No
afterlife: I will find out some day
yourself: No
astrology: Yes
karma: Yes
magic: Only in a young girls heart

who do you wanna slap: Paris Hilton
who do you wanna kill: Niki Minaj
your dream: To be the pokemon master
do you want to get married: Yes
love: Is what the world needs now
I wanna be: A vet at a zoo
all you need is: Vendetta
identy yourself with 3 words: Malice of Disgrace Lonely Gemini Bunny
what is your worst characteristic: Everything
what are your fears: Being abandoned by those I love
what is your weakness: My heart
favourite quote: "You may throw your rock and hide your hand. Work in the dark against your fellow man. But as sure as God made in black and white. What is done in the dark will be brought to the light."
cartman or kenny: Kenny
shoes you weared last time: Flip flops
what is your aim for this year: Don't die at my own hands

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