Ich bin, was Namen, den Sie mir geben, wählen Sie.
I like very few things, as many things are mediocre at best. Some of these include what you would call 'role playing'. If you are also interested in 'role plays', I would like a PM possibly inviting me to do this with you.
I dislike many things then I like. I do not particularly hate anything, although there are countless nuances which play a strong role in my insanity.
I am a fairly melancholic person, however on occasion I have outbursts of excitement.
My personality variates as I gain more knowledge. Should one go a year or two without talking to me, it is quite likely I am much different from how we last spoke.
In general, I may be described as a 'boring person'. I am humorless and unfeeling, however my imagination is boundless.
Should you require any amount of data on this subject, there is no reason to be shy. Go on and ask.

Your tiny opinions validate my existence. Shoot a comment.