- My name is Kim.
- My home is on Long Island.
- I am 20 years of age.
- I work at a Chinese restaurant..
- I love Comics, Manga, And Graphic Novels.
- My personal favorite comic is The Sandman.
- I play a lot of video games and still have a social life.
- I read a lot of regular books too. Ask me about my favorites?
- Quentin Tarantino
- I love to be the photographer, the designer, or the model.
- I am a messy person. I'm not sorry.
- I swear a lot.
- Clothes are cool
- Feel free to talk to me. I am pretty social and I love meeting new people. :3


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What's on my corrupt mind.



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Yo are adorable redface
Hold on I Just nutted

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Hold on I Just nutted

Ewww have u even heard about the xbox 1.
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Hold on I Just nutted

Eh ima stay neutrul because its opinionated on what you were taught and learned ! But sounds like u woopin some a**! Hi five 1 for bestie 0 for gder [I'm secertly picking ur side because werebest frandz] btw xbox 1 or ps4?
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Hold on I Just nutted

oh snap u got fans he is in derp mode lol. sounds like you are enjoying yourself lol what happen that made it go tat far?
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Hold on I Just nutted

hi hru wyd and goodjust chilling

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Well mostly like comics and Sandman.
I love Gaiman's writing
I doubt that'd change in three years time.
Well I have skype and whatnot if you feel like iming or whatever.

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You have smart ideas and speak them well.
After a quick read of your profile I've also assessed that I like your taste in things.
Obviously we should chat.
Hold on I Just nutted

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Hold on I Just nutted

P.p uhh hi besfriend

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Found you from a random thread. You are very pretty and judging from your about me you seem very fun and interesting. (: I was wondering if we can be friends and chat it up? My profile doesn't allow comments unless your my friend so if you want to talk PM me. Otherwise have a nice life ^^

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She's the new Bondly.
People like to say she came before Bondly, but she didn't, she's the wannabee of the 2.

I try not to really get involved with her, she's annoying lol.

I feel the same way, I'm shy as hell lol, but you're really down the earth and friendly.
Unlike most of the GD's circle jerkers of sarcasm and "I'm an intellectual baddass!" attitudes.