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Call me Verses, i'm one of those cocky whippersnappers emotion_yatta
Most my time is spent in the CB or on zOMG.
Wont have a stable internet connection for awhile. I'll check in every now and again.
All for new friends so hit me up cool


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Exphy Report | 05/03/2012 1:06 pm
Yay you're one year closer to kicking the big one pirate
User Image
The Lady Desire Report | 05/03/2012 4:44 am
The Lady Desire
Happy Birthday sir.
I'm broke currently but selling rainy.
Your gift will be delayed
Legendary Boss Level Report | 05/01/2012 9:00 am
Legendary Boss Level
Btw i forgot. What was the reason i was deleted?
Legendary Boss Level Report | 05/01/2012 8:59 am
Legendary Boss Level
Lol. Nah its cool bro. I was just kidding with ya. Like good ol' times xD How you been anyway?
Legendary Boss Level Report | 04/30/2012 6:14 pm
Legendary Boss Level
- cough cough - DoucheSicle - cough cough - But for real Kyle Add me again. < _< And don't delete me again either. Have you lost your god damn mind?
The Lady Desire Report | 04/30/2012 3:55 pm
The Lady Desire
Yeah.... like now.
I don't know.
I know guys that are interested in me, but I'm done with the online sh*t...
Maybe I should just ride solo for a bit?
The Lady Desire Report | 04/30/2012 3:44 pm
The Lady Desire
Its gotten me nowhere.
I just...believed in him more than I should have apparently
The Lady Desire Report | 04/30/2012 3:26 pm
The Lady Desire
Right now?
Not really, no.
The Lady Desire Report | 04/30/2012 2:56 pm
The Lady Desire
I have thought about it a lot.
And what I want isn't best for me.
I want Sam. I'm starting to doubt he'll ever get here though...
The Lady Desire Report | 04/30/2012 2:36 pm
The Lady Desire
Thats just it though.
I don't know what is best for me?


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