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I'm a 21 year old female with the mental capacity of a 7 year old. I have a bizarre obsession with penguins - not in any kind of dirty way, I just think they're ********' hardcore.

I'm a budding guitarist who can't actually play guitar that well at all, haha. I've been playing for two years and I'm not doing too badly. I'm what many people consider a commercial metalhead, meaning my favourite bands are of the metal genre - in most peoples eyes - but they're well known. I do apologize for this. How dare I like bands that people have heard of? I would like to stab Pete Wentz in the eyeballs and punch Ryan Ross in his mangina.

I'm a complete horror whore. I hate namby pamby 'Diet Horror', remakes of J-Horror, anything starring the latest teen heartthrob - except Shia LaBeouf, I have a little bit of a soft spot for him. But short of the quite brilliant 'Disturbia', PG-13 ain't for me. ******** atmosphere, where are the exploding heads?

Moonlight pwns your mum. It is my favourite TV show. The only thing which matches up to it is n**/Tuck. I seem to have a thing for Aussies playing Americans. Julian McMahon and Alex O'Loughlin. Both quite lovely. My media is a fanvid made by me set to this show.

I'm a slasher. Yes, one of those terrible people who take your favourite bands and relentlessly shove the boys into compromising positions. I tend to focus on Avenged Sevenfold slash. My favourite pairing is Synyster Gates/M. Shadows, probably because they're my favourite boys from the band. [They were the nicest to me when I met them and Brian is just... well, he's ********' Brian]. I have written in a couple of other fandoms as well though.

On the subject of Avenged Sevenfold, I'd like to warn you. I am a very devoted member of the bands fanbase and have been for a number of years. They're such an innovative, original, talented, inspirational band. Their music transcends genres. They're just them. They've helped me through so much, they helped me fall in love with music again, they make me strong and proud of myself. There's no Vee without Avenged Sevenfold. You can either accept it or you can pass me by, your choice.


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My two favourite actors of the moment, Robert Downey Jr and Shia LaBeouf.
I first saw Shia in the Disney series, Even Stevens when that was first shown, but never really took notice until Transformers last year. I first saw RDJ in Wonder Boys back in '01 but never really took notice until Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang in '05.
So I've liked 'em both since before their big summer blockbusters this year before other old school fans get snippy.
'A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints' is the equivalent of a cinematic orgasm for me, even if they never share screentime for obvious reasons.


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Fangirlings and General Rambles of Vee Slayer.

I'm Vee Slayer. I'm a passionate music/film fan and I'm not afraid to let the world know who I'm bumming at any particular time.



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Moonlight is amazing. And you are amazing for being a fan of it. Have a good day. smile

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Hope you have a Happy birthday!

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guess who i am surposed to be

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Heyy. How is your weekend goingg?

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Vampire Solidarity, rah rah rah.

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Thats completely awesome. Hah, your a very lucky person...

I really want to meet them.

Haha, sweet, you scared poor little Johnny! Haha thats awesome.

I enjoyed reading your experience, it was hilarious with the thong thing. LOL.

Poor Zacky.

Haha, I hope I stay short, so I dont scare the s**t out of Johnny.

Yeah, I want to meet the Berry's, they seem awesome, .. well sorta, when it comes to him shitting in a hotdog bun and setting it on a table is gross.

I want to meet them one day. Maybe next time @ Taste of Choas, I'll get lucky.

I hope I do... They seem friendly and well just amazing. Yeah, Second Heartbeat is an amazing song.

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Your very welcome.

Ha, yes. Lots of people focus on Brian, Zack, & Matt.

They usually forget about Johnny! User Image

I just love Jimmy and Johnny. They're just really .. loveable.

I guess you can say they are my drugs, but that wouldn't really make any sense.

What is your favourite A7X song? ...I dont have one, because all of them are awesome.. which is obvious.

So you met Matt&Brian? How was it?

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I love your profile, its bright.

A7X is amazing.
Gunther Sparkledust

Report | 05/30/2008 11:52 am

Gunther Sparkledust

I know,

I know.

How ironic is it that she was oblivious to vampires in moonlight,

but she PLAYED one in another movie?


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[17/01/08 <3]