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100% of my wealth has been obtained gambling in the casinos on Gaia and I'm finally at the stage where I have quit because I like the items and gold I have lol


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Ward Baron

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Ward Baron


I'm not interested in making gold on gaia anymore
I don't have a fair amount of gold to bet either lmao
I can careless about my avatar now days lul

I've been pretty busy with work and life in general
I'm in the process of working towards moving out
sometime this year or next year with my boyfriend
and going to Japan.

Our time on gaia together was nice though ~
glad I met everyone that I met we all had a really
good bond lolol

Soon time will fly by and we'll all be adults with
families and s**t :lmao: that s**t is crazy lol.
I have no intentions of ever having children
I'll be a happy mother of two cats,two dogs and maybe two birds lol
( my boyfriend has this weird obsession for birds ).

Ward Baron

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Ward Baron


I don't remember all that, but time is flying
by pretty quickly thats for sure, haha.

I think gaia is pretty cringy so I very rarely
get on, but kind of glad I left with all my "dream"
items lol

Ward Baron

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Ward Baron

It was before we started playing league
So, I want to say early 2013 or late 2012

Throw back to when I met you like a few days
before your 13th birthday lol
Ward Baron

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Ward Baron

omg your profile

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bby heart heart heart
Cody Joseph

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Cody Joseph


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hi chad blaugh

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heart heart heart
sun zack

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sun zack

Sort of...but not really xd


only log on from time to time[/align:3a5fd258ea]