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I'm in school and in after school clubs, so I'll try to be on as much as possible.

I don't have a CB crush
[******** you

Hey everyone, my name is Caitlyn (call me Caity or Cait). I'm 18 years old and obsessed with the internet and hanging with my friends. I live in Colorado, and it's kindda boring here. My dream is to go to New York. I'm from England, and I moved to America when I was 8, do I have an accent? The answer would be for the most part no, yet when I say some words it kindda has an accent to it. My favourite music is deathcore, and my favourite bands are Emmure, The Ghost Inside, and The Acacia Strain. Well, lets see other things about me..I'm 5'4, pretty short I guess. I also stretch my ears, currently I'm at a an inch, and yes I will go bigger, if you have a problem with that I don't care. I have no other piercings other than my ears, but I will get a septum whenever I'm not lazy. I'm probably one of the nicest people you would ever meet, unless you piss me off. I smoke, but I don't drink anymore since I got sexually assaulted, and I could care less about your opinion about the subject. Oh, and I'm not asian, I'm 100% white. Also .. if I trust you, I will give my number to you, but you have to live in the United States or Canada, I don't text people or call people outside the country. Oh, which reminds me I only text people if I give my number out, talking on the phone is just awkward, that is unless I love you.

Well yeah... if you want to know more about me feel free to contact me...

Well I guess that's it..
Peace, Lovers, Haters, and Masturbators

My Idol is Noel Fielding

Fuq u (old)

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

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I love you.

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