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I really did dye my hair purple in case you're all wondering.
No I don't walk around in my underwear all the time.
And my sign is Scorpio, so you'd better be able to handle it! ::: smile

RPC info:

Name: Veronica

Name Meaning: she's a scion in charge of the Telo's gate facility

Perferred Weapon: she's adept at mind-ceiling energetics. Her trans endows her with the temporary ablitity to route the souls of her enemies from their bodies, permanently

Favorite Fight Tactics: speed, and bursts of energy. If they can't hit you, and then can't move, the fight's over.

Appearance: Short, angry, with purple hair, dark tan skin, and a strange air of maturity when she isn't angry.

Age: 20

Home: she came from the northren island chains, but now lives in permenant residence in the Telos gate facility.

Race: Human Scion

Story: Veronica is part of an experimental race, developed to deal with the soul deprevation that is experienced during a long transfer between gates. The experiement resulted in two races actually, the Gohlas, and the Scoins. The Gohlas benifited by have undestructable souls, and little loss in memory from death to reincarnation. The Scion's senses were expanded greatly, they could feel death, and see the dead souls that wandered however briefly in this world. Anci technology was combined with the second generation of Scions to evolve them into vessels of the dead, able to absorb souls and convert them into Gohla canidates or to simply provide them with a world in which to inhabit in death. A suedo afterlife reflecting a location of each Scion's choice.

However Scions didn't have a great hold on life as the Gohla's did, and had to receive a great about of body/soul fixitive to keep whole. Alot of Scoin's died, culling the race to a few, highly stable, extremely powerful few, who became powerful political leaders, and the controlers of the world's greatest resourse, the multiplex manifold that gives the world it's name.

Veronica is a Scion who controls the northwestren Gate facility on the smaller major contienent.

'Technical' Things About Her: She absolutly adores to be in control excepting her absolute adoration of a Gohla named Ugolino.


Basic info:

Name: Hashina Ruiez
Age: 20
Hair color: black, but I've died it purple alot.
Eye color: brown
Face: I have contacts, and people say I'm cute.


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Registered: 02/14/2004

Gender: Female

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behold my angelicness!
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awww i want ur demon pitchfork

ur luki
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well i can kick you a**, imaginary or otherwise.
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now why did you have to bring my mama in to this???
no i have to kick your a**! xd
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