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you are greatly missed


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I've been into Pokemon since ages past, I think it deserves a wall of text on my profile (:

I still remember when me and my brother got the Starter Deck
that had Machamp as its star Pokemon for Christmas; the damage counters were still blue colored pebbles (: Then my brother, as well as our friends, started buying the Gym Leader themed decks and we started our own "Pokemon League" and had rankings in our neighborhood. We bought our booster packs together at the mall. I was the first to obtain a Pokemon EX, it was Registeel from the Hidden Legends set, then the next was our friend who was like the PokeMaster in the neighborhood, then my brother got his, a Flareon EX (:

My first game was Blue, then I played Emerald, Platinum and now Black. I play Pokemon Crystal on an emulator on my DS. I had a friend who gave me their Sapphire 'cuz I begged the crap out of him, since my Emerald was a bootleg D: I still play all my games, except the Emerald, it's been replaced with Sapphire. Now I have Soul Silver and Black 2 as well. I pretty much bought Soul Silver to be able to transfer my Pokemon from Platinum ( don't ask why d: ). Currently, I only play Black 2, trying to get into the competitive battling scene. I am more of a Pokemon Collector, but I breed as well (:

My brother and I collected Pokemon figures when we were little. I still remember buying a Japanese Surfing Pikachu. My dad once went to Singapore, and he told me he got something for me. When he got back, he brought with him an Ekans and Arbok figure (: Lately, I've only been collecting my favorite Pokemon like Giratina and Jirachi (:

Before, me, my brother and my friends watched the anime, specifically the first season, and the first few movies. We even tried to do the dance Jessie, James and Meowth did in one of the movies (was it a movie? I forgot haha). It was where Jessie was singing "And I'm the gorgeous one!". My friend (the PokeMaster dude) was James, my brother was Jessie (It was HEE-LARIOUS!) and I got to play Meowth. Good times, good times indeed ((: We still watch the movies, but the anime, not that much anymore ):

All I want to say is that, Pokemon has been an important part of my childhood (: